Monday, January 15, 2018

Cowardice of conservative evangelical leaders should always be remembered

It's both fascinating and sad that on a day in which we honor Martin Luther King, Jr., a religious man who became the moral voice of where America should be in relation to the treatment of its poor and minorities, we see other religious figures failing to a righteous stand  by their own choice.

In the aftermath of Trump's racist comments regarding immigrants from Africa and Haiti, one would think that the evangelical conservative leaders who support him would step up. Very few have and those who haven't stand out for their lack of courage and desire to defend or distract.

James Dobson once excused Trump's excesses by calling him a "baby Christian." According to the Washington Post, he has refused to comment on Trump's words.

Franklin Graham also refused to comment, but he did send out the following ridiculous tweet instead:

Then on Monday, he sent the following ironic tweet:

Robert Jeffress, Trump's supposed evangelical advisor, sent a tweet which supported Trump's comments while attempting to underplay its racist tone.

The Family Research Council chose to focus on attacking transgender children instead of addressing Trump's comments. Meanwhile, Ken Blackwell, a member of the group, attempted to defend Trump by completely distorting comments Obama once said about Libya.

These cowardly actions by conservative evangelical leaders shouldn't be forgotten. It really doesn't matter if no consequences will come of their words. It doesn't matter if they don't lose the support of their followers or that the media still regard them as "religious leaders."

What matters is that the truth be told about these leaders constantly and that truth never be far from the conversation about the things they do choose to take a stand on.

Or to speak plainly - the next time any of these jokers attack the LGBTQ community, I intend to say a couple of things about their embracing or ignoring Trump's racism.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Family Research Council chooses to attack transgender children instead of Trump's racism

No surprise here, but let's make it official and mark the Family Research Council as the latest conservative evangelical Trump-supporting bloc who have refused to comment on his recent racist statements about Haiti and Africa.

Instead, here are just two items the group decided to focus on today:

From what I hear, neither James Dobson nor Franklin Graham will be commenting about Trump's comments either.

No surprise here, but just consider what I'm doing now as "receipt gathering."

'Conservative evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress defends Trump's racist comments' & other Fri midday news briefs

Conservative evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress praised Trump's racist comments.

And we have our first conservative evangelical leader defending Trump's racist comments. Who else but Robert Jeffress:

What's missing in Jeffress' statement is how he can hold his breath with his head so far up Trump's ass. But I did hear that he has a special Bible which tells us that when the woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of Jesus's robe, Jesus turned to her and said, "Get away from me, you dirty bum."

And wouldn't you know it? Jeffress is a homophobe. A BIG one:

No fan of the gay community, Jeffress believes that gays and lesbians are “perverse” people who are either pedophiles or likely to abuse children in the future; compared homosexuality to bestiality and called it “a miserable lifestyle”; accused gay people of using “brainwashing techniques” to have homosexuality “crammed down our throats”; said that gay people “are engaged in the most detestable, unclean, abominable acts you can imagine”; predicted that the gay rights movement “will pave the way for that future world dictator, the Antichrist”; and labeled homosexuality a “filthy practice” that will lead to the “implosion of our country.”

Related post:  Dear conservative evangelicals, we notice your convenient silence about Trump's racist comments

In other news:

Within 1 Week, 4 Black Lesbians Were Murdered - THIS is downright spooky.

LGBT candidates hoping to ride Democratic wave - Damn right. Now is not the time for bickering.

Gospel singer leaves industry & comes out as bisexual - Good for you, my brotha!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Dear conservative evangelicals, we notice your convenient silence about Trump's racist comments

With Trump's racist comments today, one wonders if Franklin Graham regrets this ridiculous tweet from last year.

As hard as it is to believe, Donald Trump has sank lower than ever today with comments about African and Haitian immigrants:

President Donald Trump reportedly asked lawmakers during a meeting in the Oval Office on Thursday why so many people from “shithole countries”—referring to Haiti and countries in Africa—immigrate to the United States, The Washington Post has reported. 
“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump reportedly asked seven members of Congress present at the meeting. Trump also reportedly followed up the remark by asking why “people from countries like Norway” don’t migrate as much to the U.S. 
In a statement released on Thursday, the White House did not deny Trump made the remarks. Instead, the statement restates the president’s stance on curtailing family-based legal immigration. ending the visa lottery program, which aims to bring more immigrants from low-represented countries around the world.

To no one's shock, our Orange Menace is getting deservedly blistered in the media and online, while being defended by some folks on Fox News. But I think the conservative evangelical leadership, i.e. the bunch of folks who supported Trump and declared that he would be a great defender of Christianity and that he gave his heart to Jesus, should say a word or two about the situation.

So far, they have been silent, no doubt hoping that this thing will blow over or someone will craft a reasonable defense which they can latch onto.

Sorry guys, I see you. All of you

Most specifically, I would like to see folks like Robert Jeffress, James Dobson,  Franklin Graham, the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, and all of the other evangelicals who have been kissing Trump's ass like it's sugar actually do something moral for a change. Call this man out with as much energy as you attack the LGBTQ community for not accepting second class treatment or with as much vigor as you specifically stigmatize transgender men, women, and children as predators for merely attempting to live their authentic lives.

Come on guys. Trump just said something viciously racist. It shouldn't be so difficult to take on the mantle of morality and call him out on it.

But then again, who am I kidding? These so-called Christian leaders wouldn't dare call out Trump. Knowing how he likes to throw tantrums,  he probably wouldn't give them more any "access."

And they certainly can't have that.

'Hate group working with Trump administration to take protections away from trans inmates' & other Thur midday news briefs

The primary goal of the Alliance Defending Freedom is to undermine or eliminate LGBTQ equality and safety.

Recent reporting on violence against trans inmates illustrates the dangers of Trump administration rescinding protections - The Trump Administration is seriously considering rescinding protections which keep trans inmates from being exposed to prison violence. And guess what hate group is behind it - the Alliance Defending Freedom. This is the SAME group which is fighting to keep trans children from being protected in America's schools and pushing for homosexuality to be illegal in foreign countries. More proof of the point that there are organizations out there geared to undermining LGBTQ equality and safety. We not only had better recognize, but we need to proverbial yell from it from the mountaintops until the fact is drilled into people's heads. No matter what they tell you, the primary goal of the Alliance Defending Freedom is to undermine or eliminate LGBTQ equality and safety.

More info on the Alliance Defending Freedom (for you to digest, educate yourself and other folks on, put to memory):

Six key takeaways from The Nation's investigative report on Alliance Defending Freedom’s “legal army”

The many ways Alliance Defending Freedom is fighting against transgender student equality

A compliant press helped bring Alliance Defending Freedom's anti-LGBTQ hate back into the mainstream in 2017

In other news:

Williamston school board members who voted for transgender policy face recall effort - I bet if you scratch deep enough, you'll find the Alliance Defending Freedom in the middle of this mess, too.

New Hampshire Lets Debunked Gay Conversion Therapy Remain Legal - For some of the dumbest reasons, I might add.

How to Cope When You're Gay and Lonely - A MUCH needed article.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Remember the anti-marriage equality 'Gathering Storm' ad?

All of you folks who were as deep into the marriage equality fight as much as I was, do you remember the controversial "Gathering Storm" ad which officially brought the National Organization for Marriage and the group's fight against marriage equality into the nation's view:

It's hard to believe that it's been eight years since the ad premiered. But is it wonderful to watch it again knowing that NOM and its fight to keep marriage from us failed miserably.

'School district will pay transgender student $800,00 to settle lawsuit' & other Wed midday new briefs

A School District Will Pay A Transgender Student $800,000 To Settle A Discrimination Lawsuit - And a Wisconsin school district is the latest to learn the lesson of what it costs when you don't treat our transgender children fairly. And I tremendously approve.

This court just issued a sweeping LGBTQ victory for the Western Hemisphere - Just like that, marriage equality will expand across Central and South America. 

Take Five Minutes To Look At The Happy Same-Sex Couples Who Got Married Today - Speaking of marriage equality, it is officially legal in Australia and these just-married couples are all for it.

India’s Gay Prince Opens His Palace To Vulnerable LGBTQ People - THIS is pretty damn awesome.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Trump renominates dishonest and homophobic Sam Brownback as religious freedom ambassador

I refuse to believe that the LGBTQ community and the religious community do not intersect. I do not believe in the idea that there should be a gay vs. religion argument. As a black gay man, my faith is very important to me and it was my relationship with God which contributes to my honesty as an out-of-the closet gay man. It's not anyone's place to question what I believe in relation to Biblical Scripture or traditional church faith.

Unfortunately, there are some folks determined to push the false idea that being and LGBTQ means that you oppose religion and vice versa. And leave it to Trump to put a spotlight on one.

From The Advocate:

Sam Brownback, the intensely anti-LGBT Republican who’s been Kansas’s governor and a U.S. senator from the state, has been renominated by Donald Trump as ambassador at large for international religious freedom. 
Trump nominated Brownback for the post last year, but since the Senate failed to take action and Senate Democrats refused to allow the nominations to roll over into the new year, he had to be renominated, The Kansas City Star reports. His is one of numerous renominations announced today, several of which are problematic for LGBT people. 
Brownback has a long anti-LGBT record, and during a confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in October he refused to answer Sen. Tim Kaine’s question on if there were “any circumstance under which religious freedom can justify criminalizing, imprisoning, or executing somebody based on their LGBT status could be deemed acceptable because somebody asserts they are religiously motivated in doing so,” notes the Human Rights Campaign. HRC and several other groups opposed his confirmation. (Editor's note -see above video)

The article goes on to say:

'LGBTQ community need not freak out because SCOTUS allowed Mississippi anti-LGBTQ law to stand' & other Tue midday new briefs

SCOTUS turned back a challenge to Mississippi's anti-LGBTQ 'religious freedom' law. BUT for a good reason and it doesn't negatively affect attempts to overturn it.

Supreme Court allows Mississippi anti-LGBT law to stand - I deliberately held back from posting this because I can't stand needless hand wringing. In actuality, the court refused to hear a case in which a lower court turned down a challenge to this ugly law. The challenge was turned down because the law had not taken effect as of yet, therefore the plaintiffs could not show how it damaged them. Unfortunately, this makes sense. When people attempt to use this law to discriminate will be a perfect time to challenge it, and not before. It WILL be struck down eventually.

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Early Challenge To Mississippi’s Anti-Queer Law - More details about this situation.

Chechnya's LGBT Muslim Refugees Struggle To Cope In Exile - The LGBTQ community in America have problems, but not as bad as this. Keep these folks in your prayers and if you can do something for them, do it.

2 trans people ask Utah Supreme Court to grant gender changes a judge denied them - Kudos to them for fighting for what should be theirs.

Brian Brown: Gorsuch Confirmation Was Step Toward Overturning ‘Illegitimate’ Marriage Equality Decision - Yeah. Whatever. We don't take lightly attempts to steal away what we earned. You got a fight on your hands, Brown.

Why We Need More Latinx LGBTQ Representation in Pop Culture - Amen. As a start, too.

Monday, January 08, 2018

While Trump causes chaos for immigrant families, Franklin Graham distracts with an attack on the trans community

Franklin Graham distracts while Trump creates chaos for El Salvadoran families

And the self-degradation of the anti-LGBTQ evangelical right under Trump continues. And my chronicling of how these hypocrites are debasing themselves continues.

To me, the basic hypocrisy of the anti-LGBTQ evangelical right spotlight because of the Trump Administration is contained in the below tweet starring who else but Franklin Graham:

A little background is in order.

'Gay teacher harassed by students wins $110,000 settlement' & other Mon midday news briefs

A gay teacher who was harassed by students got a $110,000 settlement - Something we don't often think about - gay teachers being harassed by homophobic students. And for one school district in New Jersey, failure to act properly just cost them $110,000. What kind of mess is this? Where were the parents in this situation?

She Quit Working For Trump. Now She’s Running For Congress To Fight Him - Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones would be the first lesbian, Iraq War vet and Filipina-American to fill a U.S. House seat in Texas.

Trans-exclusionary radical feminists target Labour MP Stella Creasy with horrendous abuse - Great. They have problems with TERFs overseas, too. What are TERFs? Click on the link contained in the name and God help you.

New book with personal essays give spotlight to South Carolina's diverse queer community - Revisiting my post from last night because it is an important book project I am involved with. 

Florida broadcast media should learn from mistakes of West Palm Beach's coverage of ban on harmful anti-LGBTQ conversion therapy - A lesson we should all take to heart when it comes to awful coverage on LGBTQ issues.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

New book with personal essays give spotlight to South Carolina's diverse queer community

One of the complaints I've lodged on numerous occasions is when it comes to the LGBTQ community and our history, certain areas of the country have been ignored or omitted. Specifically, the South. To many in our community, the South is portrayed as a virtual prison for LGBTQs, with our wardens being ignorant and stringent adherers of the Bible Belt.

Nothing can be further from the truth and thanks to a group of us in South Carolina, the diversity of our community is receiving  spotlight.

A  friend of mine and the author of four nonfiction books and several short stories, Sheila Morris, collected personal essays from several South Carolinians. These essays give a wonderful view of how the queer movement began in this state and has continued to successfully grow:

In Southern Perspectives on the Queer Movement: Committed to Home, Sheila R. Morris has collected essays by South Carolinians who explore their gay identities and activism from the emergence of the HIV-AIDS pandemic to the realization of marriage equality in the state thirty years later. Each of the volume’s nineteen essays addresses an aspect of gay life, from hesitant coming-out acts in earlier decades to the creation of grassroots organizations. All the contributors have taken public roles in the gay rights movement. 
The diverse voices include a banker, a drag queen from a family of prominent Spartanburg Democrats, a marching minister who grew up along the Edisto River, a former Catholic priest and his tugboat dispatcher husband from Long Island, the owner of a feminist bookstore, a Hispanic American who interned for Republican strategist Lee Atwater, a philanthropist politician from Faith, North Carolina, and a straight attorney recognized as the “Mother of Pride” who became active in 1980, when she learned her son was gay.

Southern Perspectives on the Queer Movement challenges the conventional understanding of the LGBTQ movement in the United States in both place and time. Typically associated with pride marches and anti-AIDS activism on both the east and west coasts and rooted in the counterculture of the 1960s and “Stonewall Rebellion” in New York City, Southern variants of the queer liberation movement have found little room in public or scholarly memory. Confronting an aggressively hostile environment in the South, queer political organization was a late-comer to the region. But it was the very unfriendliness of Southern political soil that allowed a unique and, at times, progressive LGBTQ political community to form in South Carolina. The compelling Southern voices collected here for the first time add a missing piece to the complex puzzle of postwar queer activism in the United States.

Southern Perspectives on the Queer Movement: Committed to Home has garnered a lot of attention since it was published late last year and some really good reviews, including:

"I've got a sign up on my wall, a quote from Lillian Smith that says "The winner names the age" and I know that is mostly true. But I know too that we can defy ignorance and prejudice and fear with our own matter of fact stories of how all of us dangerous provocative people account for our lives. Thirty years of history retold from the inside is in this anthology. The people who stood up and risked their homes, their families and their very lives to make the world safer and more just for all of us tell us how they did it, day by day, year by year. So put up another notice, one that defies denial as this wonderful anthology does. We can claim our history one story at a time, and the stories rename the age."--Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard out of Carolina and Cavedweller 
 "In Southern Perspectives on the Queer Movement, Sheila Morris has curated a gallery of queer activists' stories. If the SC Historical Commission ever casts around for some new figures for all the surplus bronze, this book has a hero for every platform."--Kate Clinton, feminist humorist, contributor to the Progressive and the Huffington Post

Lastly, I should mention that one essay in Southern Perspectives on the Queer Movement is by yours truly. The essay isn't my usual fare about the anti-LGBTQ industry. Instead, I chose to give y'all fairly comical, bittersweet view of what it was like to be an African-American gay college student just coming out and coming to grips with certain realities (realities, I might point out that I have fought very hard to change at least a little).

I don't think there is anything wrong with posting a little excerpt of what I wrote:

. . . the one thing I wasn’t able to escape was the isolation, the inability to get into a good relationship or at least a nice friendship with other gay folks because so many of us were so scared to come out of the closet.. It’s an ugly feeling to go through every day, and feeling isolated from the folks around you even though you may sit with them at lunch or converse with them after classes were over. It was a terribly lonely feeling to be at a party and watch the heterosexual couples slow dance to some nice romantic song while knowing that you couldn’t even if there was another gay man present for fear of being “discovered.”  
 And worse yet, while heterosexual couples had the luxury of openly dating, fighting, breaking up, getting back together , or finding new partners – the lovely rituals of having a relationship, us gay men were reduced to clandestine relationships after dark, sneaking into each other’s dorm rooms where we fumbled our way through meaningless physical encounters. We fooled ourselves into thinking that we had something nice until we realized that while heterosexual couples went through the day-to-day drama of relationships, we were stagnant because society put it on our heads that we would be best served to let things stay as they are. We were fooled into thinking that sticky encounters in which desperation took the place of simple affection, was all we could have. 
 In that unfortunate backdrop, I was able to forge at least one good relationship with a freshman when I was a junior. And it is here that I want you to know that a lot of first time gay encounters don’t resemble what you see on television with two innocent, albeit sexually responsible but very good looking skinny white twinks having intercourse complete with fire, music, and serious ambiance.

This time, it involved a gangly black guy with thick glasses and a chubby white younger guy with equally thick glasses who both had libidos which had no patience with waiting for “better choices” on the bottom half of a bunk bed with a really awful Chuck Norris movie playing on television in the background.  
 That’s my nice way of saying that the first encounter I had with my friend didn’t resemble any scene from that cable series Queer As Folk or even a scene from the television show Glee. It was more like that scene between Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton from the motion picture Monster’s Ball but with no desperate passion fueled by tragedy, no destroyed furniture, and no ripped clothing (that came later).

If I had to use one word to describe this book, it would be "victorious." There are no sob stories in these essays, no overt or covert cries for pity, and especially no bellyaching about how the South is supposedly a terrible place for the queer community and our allies.  In telling our stories, LGBTQ South Carolinians and our allies show that strong people with pride in who we and where we live. And it because of that, we are working to make a change for the better, either by working for that change or simply living with the God-given dignity we were blessed to have.

Southern Perspectives on the Queer Movement is available where all books are sold, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Friday, January 05, 2018

'Trump judicial nominee once argued that gay judges shouldn't hear LGBT cases' & other Friday midday news briefs

Howard Nielson
Trump Judicial Nominee Howard Nielson: Gay Judges Shouldn’t Hear LGBT Cases - Good grief! Who picked this disaster for Trump? Do I have to even ask?

 Religious liberty bill could have lasting impact on Georgia economy - And none of it is good.

This Man Was Just Told He Can’t Enlist In The Military Because He’s Transgender - Somebody is tripping! Don't worry because Buzzfeed is on it and the issue has been rectified. Transgender men and women can enlist in the military. 

Trump expected to rollback transgender inmate protections - I don't care if a person is in prison. They should never be put into a situation where they could be injured or murdered. And mess like this is just that.

Meet the black lesbian superhero ready to take over TV on The CW’s Black Lightning - Oh snap! I definitely approve THIS message.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Megachurch pastor attacks other Christians who criticize his support of Trump

Robert Jeffress is mad at fellow Christians who speak against Trump.

It's no secret that white conservative evangelicals have been bending over backwards to either support Trump or excuse his many bouts of bad behavior. It's also no secret that their behavior has been criticized by other Christians.

Now, one of them is responding with whining and name calling which will probably do nothing but further this much-needed schism.

Long-time Trump supporter and megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress  recently attacked the Christian critics of evangelical Trump supporters.

This is hypocritical of the evangelicals who say their personal piety won't allow them to support President Trump," Jeffress stated. "I mean, my gosh – how self-righteous is that? When did personal piety ever become a test of who you were going to vote for for president?"

Thie irony of this statement coming from Jeffress is stark, considering he had plenty of ugly things to say about Obama, specifically the statement that Obama was paving the way for the Anti-Christ.

And to answer his question, "personal piety" was the main reason why evangelicals on his side of the spectrum wouldn't support Obama. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and the rest of that bunch stood against Obama on a multitude of issues, particularly when it came to LGBTQ equality. One religious right group, the Liberty Counsel, even talked about impeaching Obama.

Jeffress, who once said that God gave Trump authority to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un,  continued to dig the hole:

"What you're seeing is the divide between these 'evangelical elites' who continue to resist President Trump's policies and the vast majority of evangelicals in the pews who swept him into office and continue to support him," he said. people praying over (candidate) Donald Trump. 
In fact, Jeffress says it's the never-Trump evangelicals who have left their core theology behind. "What it comes down to is the 'evangelical elite' really don't embrace these values," said Jeffress.  
"They are more concerned about fixing the problem with DREAMers than they are about protecting the life of the unborn. Or when it comes to Israel, they are much more concerned about the plight of the 'poor Palestinians' than they are of protecting the Jews' right to inhabit that land God gave them." He didn't stop there: "And when it comes to religious liberty, [if] you talk to these evangelical elites privately [you'll find] they really do believe those Colorado bakers ought to be forced to bake that wedding cake for a gay wedding."  

The interview was embarrassing in that Jeffress practically wallowed in a combined fetid mix of his own ego, self-righteousness, and downright cruelty.  One thing I found interesting is how he dehumanized his fellow Christians by painting them as a nameless, faceless horde. It's just like what many of his contemporaries have done to the LGBTQ community over the years.

And then he comes across in an ugly, mocking tone against Dreamers, Palestinians, and of course members of the LGBTQ community. Apparently all of those verses and parables attributed to Jesus about children, the Good Samaritan, and showing love means nothing.   All that matters to Jeffress is that folks like him get to dictate what issues are the most crucial for entire Christian community.

Nothing that he says challenges anyone's mindset about how conservative evangelicals and the religious right have willingly debased themselves in pursuit of influence in the Trump Administration.

If you ask me, Jeffress would have saved time if he would have come out and said the following:

"To hell with us appealing to a higher standard. We only said that junk when the president was someone who wasn't in our hip pocket. Now that we have a president who will cater to all of our whims, we are going to do everything in our power to make his decisions look good, his mistakes look like reverse psychology genius, and his excesses look like deliberate messages from Jesus.  And if the rest of your Christians don't like it, you had better get with the program or kiss my bony ass. We are getting while the getting's good."

Ellen DeGeneres vs. little Eric Trump, folks want to 're-horrify' people about homosexuality, and other Thur. midday news briefs

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres Ridicules Eric Trump Over His Weird Conspiracy Theory About Her - I kinda wish it was Donald Trump who started this absolutely ridiculous rumor. That way, I would be able to enjoy seeing people and groups like Franklin Graham and the Family Research Council tie themselves into knots trying to justify it.

Shouting Into The Wind: Words From The Hearts Of Christian Moms With LGBTQ Children - THIS is everything. Mothers of LGBTQ children defend their babies.

Linda Harvey: We Must ‘Re-Horrify People About The Sin Of Homosexuality’ - Oh mercy, does this mean we are going to see more pictures of anal warts? There are actually some people who say we should ignore people like Linda Harvey and 'Porno' Pete LaBarbera. I say there are times where we can use them to show what other members of the anti-LGBTQ industry, who are generally successful in making their bigotry sound palpable, actually think about us. Behind the mask of every Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, Tony Perkins, etc is a raving Linda Harvey or Peter LaBarbera obsessed with "horrifying" people about gay sex.

These two anti-LGBT Republicans may run for Senate in 2018 - I can just about handle Mitt Romney, but Michele Bachmann? Lord, hammercy!

If States Got LGBT-Friendlier, They Could Earn Billions - We've known this, but some people are just plain stubborn.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Donald Trump is dragging down the evangelical anti-LGBTQ right, so let's enjoy the show

Will Franklin Graham continue to think Trump is good for Christianity after shocking new revelations? Probably so . . .

Do we need anymore proof that the anti-LGBTQ industry (otherwise known as the religious right and conservative evangelicals) are supporting Trump simply because what he gives them what they want in terms of policies and either ignores his behavior or makes excuses (i,e. "Trump is a 'baby Christian'") for it?

Of course not. But it wouldn't hurt to remind people - specifically those religious leaders who support Trump - of what they are doing. Therefore I want to initiate a game which I will be playing every now and then throughout 2018. I am going to post statements - via tweets, articles, etc - from various religious right leaders praising Trump for his "commitment" to Christianity and morals. Then I will posting other statements which, shall we say, questions the veracity of those who are attempting to paint Trump as the new token saint of Christianity.

First up is Franklin Graham, who has been vocally supportive to the point of lunacy with his inferences that Trump is bringing God to the forefront "again" or is defending Christianity like no other president:

One wonders if Graham will continue to pump that "sugar" after learning what we've all learned today about various actions and statements Trump made via an upcoming explosive book, Fire and Fury.

Fire and Fury talks about Trump winning the 2016 election and the chaotic scene of his Administration thus far:

1. MSNBC obtained a copy of the book and NBC News’ former embedded reporter with the Trump campaign, Katy Tur, tweeted a highlighted section. 
 “Trump liked to say that one of the things that made life worth living was getting your friends’ wives into bed,” the starred paragraph begins. “In pursuing a friend’s wife, he would try to persuade the wife that her husband was perhaps not what she thought. Then he’d have his secretary ask the friend into his office; once the friend arrived, Trump would engage in what was, for him, more or less constant sexual banter. Do you still like having sex with your wife? How often? You must have had a better f*ck than your wife? Tell me about it. I have girls coming in from Los Angeles at three o’clock. We can go upstairs and have a great time. I promise … And all the while, Trump would have his friend’s wife on the speakerphone, listening in,” the book reported.

2. MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing, reading from the book live on air, revealed yet another shocking detail, this one about White House Communications Director Hope Hicks and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. 
 . . .Hope Hicks and Corey Lewandowski, who, according to the book, had an on and off again romantic relationship, and he was, of course, fired in 2016 for clashing with Trump family members,” Jansing reminded. “And this is what the book says “Hicks sat in Trump Tower with Trump and his sons, worried about Lewandowski’s treatment in the press and wondering aloud how she might help him. Trump, who otherwise seemed to treat Hicks in a protective and even paternal way, looked up and said, ‘Why? You’ve already done enough for him. you’re the best piece of tail he’ll ever have’ sending Hicks running from the room,” Jansing read.

3. President Trump called former acting Attorney General Sally Yates "a c---" before firing her, according to an explosive new book about the Trump administration.  
 An excerpt of Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” obtained by MSNBC contained the anecdote. “Trump conceived an early, obsessive antipathy for Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates,” the book reads. “She was, he steamed, ‘such a c---.’”  
 One of Trump’s first actions as president was firing Yates after she refused to have the Justice Department uphold his initial travel ban that blocked people from seven majority-Muslim countries.

Most likely, Graham and all of those other "Christian leaders" who have anointed Trump the best thing which ever happened to Christianity since Jesus Himself will either be silent over these eyebrow raising revelations. Or they will make excuses.

Even though I'm hoping for the excuses because they would be epic, I'm leaning towards the silent treatment. But the main point of my new project is to send Graham and the rest of the anti-LGBTQ industry a message:

We see what you are doing here and you aren't fooling anybody. You are only revealing what you truly are behind your masks of piety. 

Hat tip to my friend Joe Sudbay for giving me the idea for this post. 

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Want to know about black gay men? Hush and listen to what a black gay man is telling you

This video is almost a year old but the knowledge it contains is evergreen. Not only does it make a point about the specificity of growing up as a black gay man, but what's happening here is a general lesson we should take to heart.

 Let me put it another way. Whenever that odious sob Bill O'Reilly did a show on racial issues, I knew what to expect from him. He would either not have any African-Americans on that specific show or when he did, he always talked over them or yelled at them. He didn't care to listen to what they had to say because he was too busy creating the narrative, i.e. in this case it was the stupid generalization that black people blame whites for all of our problems. That was the thing which always pissed me off. He NEVER listened. He was too busy barking at black people or about black people and telling us what our problem was - something he never knew - that he didn't care what we had to say.

So basically what I am saying is that while this video is about listening to black gay men talk about their lives, its message is a general one. If you want to know what we think, don't tell us what we think. Listen to what we have to say. And that message goes for wanting to know more about  transgender, bisexual, lesbian, and other communities be they racial, religious, gender-related, etc.

Sometimes when you hush your mouth and listen to people, you learn so  much more than you would if you chose to argue with them about their lives.

'Trump officially loses in bid to ban transgender soldiers from military' & other Tue midday news briefs

Trump Administration Abandons bid to bar transgender recruits from US military - This took place on December 30. As of yesterday, transgender men and women can sign up. Trump officially loses in his attempt to ban trans troops. Knowing his religious right allies though, keep one eye open. They are always up to something sneaky. 

Young, gay and living on the street: LGBT youth face increased odds of homelessness - Even one LGBTQ child living on the street is one too many. We have work to do.

Munroe Bergdorf slams the media for ‘screwing up’ transgender kids - I am not familiar with this woman, but I already love her!

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Monday, January 01, 2018

'Ex-gay' video hit with much deserved Facebook dragging

In its heyday, the "ex-gay" movement was a somewhat successful tool used by the anti-LGBTQ industry to undermine our rights and equality. Today it's slowly but satisfyingly dying as people see the lies that it encompasses, particularly many of those who were its loudest soldiers.

 However, some folks just can't get the hint, as the above video featuring a young girl who is claiming that she is no longer a lesbian shows. It is from one of those "Oh look! we are contemporary and hip Christian" organizations" Anchored North.

Anchored North, however, is getting the hint as many viewers and responders are making it their first mission of 2018 to drag the group and the video all over Facebook.

 From Raw Story:

The video has racked up more than 1.3 million views on Facebook. But many of the top comments on the video are critical of its message.  
 “This little video is enough to push gay kids over the edge to suicide. If God changed her, why didn’t the prayers of my daughter count? So so wrong,” one Facebook user said. “I’m willing to bet good money that she is on the bisexual spectrum, or else she is really doing an injustice being in a relationship with that young man. Let me tell anyone who is gay and watching this video that God created you just exactly as you are.”  
 “This is Christians using a fear tactic to make this girl question everything and become brainwashed into their thinking and it sickens me to no end,” another user commented. “I had to break free from the toxicity of the church to be able to be who I am today. I’m not perfect but I know I’m a lot happier than I was before and I feel free. Being a Christian was living in fear and always feeling bound and a slave to a deity.”  
 “This is inhumane and brainwashing. Truly disgusting. Born gay, born a sinner? What in the world. No one should feel ashamed for who they are,” another wrote.