Wednesday, January 31, 2018

'Anti-LGBTQ group already talking about repealing marriage equality' & other Wed midday news briefs

NOM: Supreme Court Is ‘One Retirement Away’ From Ending Marriage Equality - NOM's pipe dream isn't that much of a pipe dream and it reminds us of the simple fact that besides NOM, there are anti-LGBTQ organizations and hate groups just planning to take away marriage equality, even as you read this. But giving up is not an option. We can fight and defeat this notion. And the first step is in the mid-terms. Y'all need to vote and get as many folks to also vote as you can.

Trump’s State of the Union speech omits mention of LGBTQ rights - Surprise! NOT!

Efforts to help LGBT Puerto Ricans after Maria ‘being forgotten’ - We can't let this happen, y'all.

New York School System Holds Its First Summit For LGBTQ Students - New York is a start but we need this in other places too.

The memes from Trump’s first State of the Union address are in and they’re brutal - Damn right. And you KNOW we don't care, either. We are going THERE.


Frank said...

I've been dreading what will happen if Kennedy and/or Ginsberg retire or become ill. If it were possible to impeach the president and all his appointees and executive orders and legislation as illegitimate...I'm fantasizing.

As far as LGBT youth conferences see True Colors 25th annual:

Hunter said...

And NOM has been so effective at stopping marriage equality. (snicker)

It's a little more complicated than replacing a Supreme Court justice -- someone has to prove that they have been harmed by someone else's marriage in order to have legal standing to file suit, and then they have to make a case. And then there's stare decisis -- just a reminder, it took 17 years to overturn Bowers v. Hardwick, which was a sketchy decision to begin with. Given that the decision in Obergefell was solidly grounded in the 14th Amendment, that's not going to be easy.