Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Franklin Graham's fawning praise of Trump is simply embarrassing

The speed from which Franklin Graham pivoted from "Stop picking on Donald Trump. We never said he was perfect." to "Oh my God! Isn't Donald Trump so dreamy! We need to pray for him!" is embarrassing. Especially when one considers that had not the media pressed him and other evangelicals on the matter, they probably wouldn't have mentioned Trump's many moral lapses. As the investigations into how Russia helped the Trump campaign continues, I have a feeling that Graham will be regretting his kiss-ass behavior in support of Trump.

And I bet that Graham never asked that Obama be prayed while HE was president. Yet more proof that Trump's relationship with Graham and company is merely about acquisition.

(Editor's note - I offer a pre-apology just in case it is proven that Graham did in fact ask for Obama to be prayed for.)

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Grey One talks sass said...

Frank did pray for President Obama.

Oh wait... Do imprecatory prayers count?