Thursday, March 08, 2012

'Anti-bullying movie receives ratings flack' and other Thursday midday news briefs

I give my brothers and sisters hell sometimes for the love of the "celebrity culture." However there are times when it pays to have out celebrities to bring attention to important issues such as the problems that the motion picture Bully is having with the Motion Picture Association of America:

Check here for more information about the situation. Go here to sign the Human Rights Campaign petition.

In other news:

Homeless LGBT Youth: The Next Battle For Equality - Excellent article. I urge you to read and pass it around.

Today in NC: @Vote4MarriageNC rallies the 'gay men lodge cellphones in their anuses' vote - Patrick Wooden, North Carolina's diaper pastor, strike again.

NC Libertarians take strong stand against Amendment One - Meanwhile, more reasonable people in North Carolina are taking a stand.

Catholic Diocese Defunds Homeless Group Over Director’s Gay Marriage Views - Religious liberty my tush. This was just cold-hearted.

Note to Kirk Cameron: If you don’t want a fight, then don’t start one
- Warren Throckmorton breaks down this Kirk Cameron controversy in a simple-to-understand way - if you don't want any trouble, then don't start any trouble.

Joseph Farah Explains 'What Same-Sex Marriage Advocates and the Terrorists of the Gaza Strip Have in Common' - Joseph Farah claims that lgbtqs unfairly cast ourselves as victims of homophobia. This from a man whose publication features a columnist who refers to us as the "sodomy lobby."

Islamic And African Nations Walk Out Of UN’s LGBT Equality Hearing In Protest - Ugh. Well no fight worth fighting for is ever easy

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