Monday, March 12, 2012

Rejected ad on anti-gay hate group becomes massive hit

I happy to report that the Faithful America ad which calls MSNBC to task for its featuring of Southern Poverty Law Center -designated hate group leader Tony Perkins has gone viral in big way. Check it out here:

With over 28,000 hits in just a few days, it's obvious that the ad's message is resonating

Meanwhile, Perkins has shown that he is aware of the ad and is playing the familiar role as victim. During an interview with the American Family Association president Tim Wildmon (AFA is another SPLC-designated hate group), Perkins had this to say:

Perkins: You might remember the Episcopal Bishop Eugene Robinson who split the Episcopal Church because he’s openly gay and wanted to marry his lover or whatever you call it, and he gathered 20,000 signatures and presented them to MSNBC demanding that they keep me off of MSNBC because you know I’m on there you know talking about politics or whatever and usually it’s nothing to do with homosexuality, they just don’t want anybody who does have views that are counter to theirs.

Wildmon: I’ll tell you what, you’re in good company, the other day Kirk Cameron went on Piers Morgan on CNN, and man, Piers Morgan asked him a question about homosexuality, he said it was ‘unnatural,’ he just got torched.

Perkins: I talked to Kirk, I talked to him yesterday actually I was actually interestingly enough I was coming out of MSNBC where I was on yesterday with Martin Bashir, and I would actually encourage folks to go watch that interview that I did with him—they have it on their homepage; at least they did this morning on MSNBC—and thank them for allowing a balanced discussion. Obviously Martin did not agree with me but we had a very civil discussion on the issues and I tell you what I have to respect MSNBC for allowing debate and not buckling under the pressure of a loudmouth, Soros-funded group that is simply trying to silence the public debate over important public policy issues, so I will have to come to the defense of MSNBC for not buckling under that pressure.

The fact that Perkins isn't talking about gay issues per se only proves the point that maybe MSNBC doesn't necessarily see him as an expert on the subject.

But the entire issue is about news integrity. Would MSNBC have David Duke on its program talking politics even if he wasn't commenting on African-American issues? Would it have a Holocaust denier talking political issues?

The irony is that for all of his talk about a "debate," Perkins has had the luxury of not debating the issue his organization is famous for defaming - i.e. gay equality.

Other than one debate with Mark Potok of SPLC (in which he was caught citing a sham medical organization) and extremely friendly question-and-answer sessions on Fox News, neither Perkins nor other FRC spokespeople have been taken to task for their attacks on the lgbtq community or their usage of junk science and cherry-picking of legitimate science.

At the most, there should have been a roundtable discussion on it conducted by someone like Rachel Maddow or Howard Kutz and at the very least, it would have been nice for Keith Olbermann to devote a commentary on it.

The lack of attention to this issues sends a negative message to my lgbtq brothers and sisters; that those who cause us problems through lies and junk science are handled with kid gloves by the news media.

Therefore, I propose that we take the homophobic bull by the horns and slam it down.

For all those who are interested (and I hope everyone reading this is interested), this link is the contact page to MSNBC.

The subject line allows you to contact any show featured on MSNBC. I suggest that you go to either Chris Matthews or Rachel Maddow. When writing your comment, please be polite but firm. Ask why does MSNBC give Tony Perkins a platform or demand that more attention be paid to how his organization demonizes the lgbtq community.

If you need citations of these lies go to the SPLC page on the Family Research Council or cite anything from my post 16 reasons why the Family Research Council is a hate group

For those seeking more direct contact with the powers-that-be at MSNBC, the following people are the best targets:

Jeremy Gaines, Vice President for Communications at MSNBC, at (212) 664-5133
Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC, at (212) 664-2456. 
Ann Klenk, producer for MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews. To reach Ann, call (202) 885-4030 and ask for her extension.

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Anonymous said...

Our lives are not public-policy issues like recycling or taxes. They involve actual humans.

Carol Zylbert said...

I tried to leave a comment for msnbc, but their software decided that my email address, a required field, was not valid. Here is the comment I tried to leave:

This comment regards Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council, a person who appears regularly on MSNBC and Hardball. FRC has been cited for repeatedly engaging in false propaganda linking gay men with pedophilia.

Perkins may have a point of view, but so do holocaust deniers. MSNBC's reputation as a reliable source of news and commentary is endangered when it uses commentators whose positions do not reflect reality. Surely you can find socially conservative commentators who do not spread lies about homosexuals.

I hope you will discontinue your relationship with a man who is famous for spreading lies.