Wednesday, October 10, 2012

'African-American leaders push back hard against anti-marriage equality argument' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Video: Southern Baptist for Maryland equality - The next time someone accuses black ministers being at the forefront of homophobia, show them these videos. Just awesome:

 It's a welcome change from the attacks on our families by bought-and-paid for pastors like Harry Jackson

In other news:

Former NOM president: Marriage is not a “civil rights issue” - From the sound of the article, Maggie Gallagher got some serious push back against her positions from some African-American leaders. I wish I had been there.  

Transgender Voters Could Be Disenfranchised By Voter ID Laws, Advocates Warn - Better safe than sorry. Transgender voters need to know this info before they attempt to vote.

 Preserve Marriage Washington Sidelines Ken Hutcherson, Imports Harry Jackson To Play “Homophobic Black Pastor” - That's gotta be nice. Disposable homophobic black pastors. Just throw the one you are finished with in the trash and pop in a new one.

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Erica Cook said...

I think we should start a thank you campain for the pastor. Not a patition saying thank you, but seporet letters but people. We fight so hard against so many people we forget to show our thanks when people are willing to do things like this.

Woodstock said...

Is there a way we can contact these wonderful people (especially the pastor in the video) to thank them for their support and let them know we appreciate them doing this? I'm sure they'll get a lot of negative backlash. I'd like to let them know their support gives me hope for the future.