Friday, October 12, 2012

Kirk Cameron knows NOTHING about humility or the love of God

Former child star Kirk Cameron recently gave a speech at Liberty University in which he talked about the controversy stemming from his interview on Piers Morgan's talk show. Naturally, he made himself look like the victim:


For the edification of those who do not know what Cameron actually said, this is the portion of the interview in question:


My personal opinion is simple. When Cameron voiced his disagreement with marriage equality, that was fine. He had every right. However, where I draw the line is when he called being gay "detrimental" and "destructive." He wasn't talking about an "ism." He was talking about actual people and actual families, many whom he had never met.

As a matter of fact, when a group of gay students wanted to have a meeting with him about his comments, Cameron refused.

That's the problem with folks like Cameron. Their words and actions are not about bringing glory to God or understanding to the human experience as it relates to God.

 It's all about them and their so-called "strong convictions." It's all about their egos.

Despite of what Cameron claimed in his Liberty University speech, there is no love in his words to Piers Morgan nor is he a victim.

To me, the real victim is a young gay child who hears those words and hates him or herself a little more. Who is there for them while Cameron basks in his martyrdom and self-victimhood? Who is going to be there for them while Cameron basks in his media attention and receives praises from religious right groups and their supporters?

In Matthew 25:40, Jesus said " . . .whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

I don't think he meant kicking an anonymous gay child in the face and then bragging about it later.

Take the hint, Kirk.

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BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Kirk is a Jerk.
Did you catch Fred Karger's piece in the Advocate about NOM?

Moria said...

Wow, he comes across like a real idiot. In a strange way, I feel sorry for him.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed - I think ego drives a lot of these Christian shit-stain bigots.

What ever happened to a time where we could openly deride and laugh at the religious fundamentalists, if it ever existed? Seriously, we need to start calling them out on their bat shit crazy religious beliefs, and all three Abrahamic religions and their off-shoots like Mormonism and even Scientology are based on some fairly fruity shit.

Ranty said...

I have to say, aside from his comments about homosexuality being "destructive," I am okay with his views. I disagree with them 100% (I am a follower of Christ and I will say Gay Marriage is a right, not a privilege.), but those are his opinions and, honestly, the character assassination that went on after that interview made me sad to call myself a Liberal.

That said, him speaking at that school was just stupid. He could've taken the high road and said "Hey, I gave my personal beliefs and people yelled at me for it." and left it at that, but of course he has to make it about his life and how they hurt his feelings, etc. Makes me sad.

BlackTsunami said...

I totally disagree about the claim regarding character assassination. I don't condone personal comments said about him but I wouldn't parse all of it as character assassination. It is what happens when you attack a group of people.

ddevonb said...

" However, where I draw the line is when he called being gay "detrimental" and "destructive."
It is important that you also know that just because you draw the line there does not mean he was wrong or the line should be drawn there.

You have a movable line and Kirk has a line consistent with Bible teaching. Any movable line is based simply on one's current feelings and not on something that can be actually determined as correct.

The fact that public opinion has changed drastically in the last 40 years is not evidence that the new position is correct or valid. Right and wrong are not determined by majority vote.

BlackTsunami said...

No.Kirk's claim is not consistent with Biblical teachings because not everyone interprets the Bible that way AND no matter what you feel - because we are talking about feelings all around - there is no call for conflating disagreement with marriage equality with calling gay people destructive. That speaks to my point of not seeing gays as actual people
No matter what your religion may be or your interpretation of of the Bible may be, it is no justification for stigmatizing a group of people.

BlackTsunami said...

And the change in public opinion is indeed proof that the new position is correct my friend.