Thursday, November 01, 2012

'High school students disciplined for wearing pro-gay t-shirts' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Ohio High School Students Told To Remove Rainbow T-Shirts Supporting Gay Rights - Oh come on guys! The t-shirts were neither political nor obscene!

 ‘Ex-Gay’ Men Fight Back Against View That Homosexuality Can’t Be Changed - I'm not a fan of the title of this piece, but from what I see, it is a fair article. It's really a sad look at how societal ignorance warps a good gay mind. 

 Barber & Staver: California Law Banning 'Change Therapy' is a Form of Bullying and Abuse - And this is why the item above is even more poignant.

Today in self-centered, faith-based aggression: NOM's Peters denies my marriage's legitimacy - There comes a point when some folks repeat a ridiculous talking point so many times that you can no longer feel anger towards them. Only pity that they themselves probably don't believe anymore. You will know what I mean when you read the last sentence of NOM's Thomas Peters in this post.  

Uganda Parliament May Vote On Anti-Homosexuality Bill By Christmas - This ain't good, folks.

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