Thursday, November 01, 2012

I defy anyone to tell me what's wrong with same-sex families

Yes I could rage like I usually do against the religious right. And there is a time for such things. And sometimes, there is a time to celebrate just being who we are and the following picture of actor Neil Patrick Harris, his spouse David Burtka, and their two children on Halloween is being posted as a sign of celebration and pride for the same-sex families who are raising children and doing it quite well:

While it is true that not all same-sex families have the means and the funds that this one does, the love and support I see coming from these families (and I know quite a few) are more than all of the riches in the world.

So I have a question for those supposedly moral people out there who are always whining about the alleged homosexual agenda:

Why do you dislike theses families so much that you pretend they don't exist?

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Michele in Tampa said...

I love this picture. I Hope the day will come when we can all look at a picture like this, or others of families headed by same sex couples, and just see and appreciate a beautiful, happy family no different than a beautiful, happy family headed by a heterosexual couple!

Dominique said...

BRILLIANT!!! Families come in many splendid varieties. I love this family picture!!!

Prospero said...

Neil and David are everything that's right about same-sex parents. The more we (and the rest of the country) sees of them, the better!

Tor said...

Well there you have it. Evil homosexual parents teaching their poor innocent children the satanic ways of Hallowe... Oh. Wrong rant.

I see a beautiful family, one that is representative of thousands across this country. I'm really happy for them, and hoping and fighting for thier (our) equal rights.

Think of the children! The children of gay people need the legal protections of family as much as any other child.