Monday, December 10, 2012

'Conservative pundits 'giving up the ghost' on fighting marriage equality?' and other Monday midday news briefs

Conservative Pundits: Accepting Same-Sex Marriage Is Common Sense - Love the capitulation, but remember how the religious right are. They are like a rash which won't go away so I doubt they will be swayed. Also, didn't some of these pundits predict a Romney landslide?

  Merck Foundation Severs Boy Scouts Funding Over Anti-Gay Policy - The Boy Scouts don't have to let our gay children in. But suffering the consequences of their actions isn't an attack on religious freedom. Sorry.  

NOM Plans To Drive Wedge Right Into Middle Of Gay Community - NOM gets major points for being brazen.

 Photo of couple applying for marriage license goes viral - I know that you all have seen the picture of the elderly male couple applying for their marriage license in Washington state. The story behind the couple is as awesome as the picture.

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