Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gays, demons, and unintentionally bad videos. Oh My!

If your morning coffee don't wake you up, these two videos are sure to do the trick.

First from Right-Wing Watch is a video of Pastor John Benefiel who claims that the demon Baal is behind homosexuality. I refuse to inform you who exactly Baal is. I do suspect that Benefiel is kinda cracked:

And if that's not enough for you, check out this absolutely bizarre video from Ireland's Iona Institute, which makes me suspect that the reason why we haven't seen Maggie Gallagher is because she is in Ireland. I will say one thing for this video - it certainly uses the word "unique" a lot:



Anonymous said...

I cannot even wrap my head around this video. I guess we should take all children away from single parents, even if one of their parents (god forbid) dies. Obviously, you must have one of each gender to raise you. What if you have a "straight" yet effeminate father? What if the "father" who birthed you believes in corporal punishment and abuses you regularly? What if the "mother" who gave you life causes emotional damage on a daily basis? I guess that's better than two loving homos (said sarcastically, I promise) taking care of a child. Heaven forbid a child is taught peace, love, and tolerance for others by two men or two women! Ugh, this excuse (a child needs a mother and a father) is the one of my pet peeves. So many children are being raised in single parent homes, and we want to deny a child two loving parents just because they have the same sexual organs??? All men and all women are different. When will people learn a male and a female role model in a home does not guarantee a perfect life for a child??

Woodstock said...

Apparently, Pastor Benefiel is unaware of the pagan traditions that underlie almost every Christian rite- from the vestments worn to the candles on the altar, not to mention all the traditional trappings of Christmas. I guess Christians have been inviting Baal in for hundreds of years!