Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'Focus on the Family official attacks little girl for being proud of her gay fathers' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Focus on the Family's Stanton goes after little girl, her fathers - So apparently it's a Christian thing to pick on a little girl who is proud of her two gay dads? Tacky, tacky, tacky!

Tennessee pastor blames Newtown tragedy on schools teaching evolution, ‘how to be a homo - I never thought you could be taught to be gay. Where is the course? I need a refresher.

Texas Pastor Addresses Controversy Over Uganda Remarks - Turns out the Texas pastor who Monday voiced support for the anti-gay Ugandan bill is now claiming that he never even read the bill. Yeah, as if that makes things better. It makes him look like a bigger dumb ass than he seemed before.

 James Franco New Movie: 'Interior. Leather Bar' To Premiere At Sundance In January (VIDEO) - I am soooo against this move by James Franco. It's not a good idea to recreate a movie like "Cruising."

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Bryan said...

Yes, it's completely bad parenting to record your child singing a song about her family that happens to include two dads but excellent parenting to have your children hold signs stating things like, "God hates fags" that the Westboro Cult does to their children....nothing wrong about that at all....