Thursday, December 13, 2012

'Ridiculous video makes NO point against marriage equality' and other Thursday midday news briefs

With all due respect, this video I pulled from Jeremy Hooper's blog is super inane:

And the reason that allowing gays to marry would hurt the above concept is how . . .. ? This video is from the Iona Institute in Ireland. Man they need to do something better to explain their point of view.

 In other news:

WND Promotes Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill - Via "World Nut Daily," arch-bigot Scott Lively speaks up for Uganda's anti-gay bill. He should because he helped start the panic which created it. And get this - while he doesn't believe in the death penalty for gays, he is all for life in prison. Well gee. "Thanks a lot, @!%$"

 Regnerus Scandal Ripped Wide Open As UT Confesses To Major, Systemic Ethics Failures - Looks like NOM's bought-and-paid for anti-gay parenting bill is catching more problems.

  Zero-Tolerance Policies Perpetuate A School-to-Prison Pipeline For LGBT Youth - You have to read this. It's an awful thing for our children and a lot of folks aren't aware that it's taking place.


Unknown said...

-_- That video was all about making points and then contradicting those very points. What a waste of time and money. I hope people seeing this will think it is as stupid as it is and then vote for marriage equality.

Sky said...

The makers of this video need to remember that their statements are only true on a limited time scale (as far as same sex couples creating life on their own). If the science and technology described in the following article continute to develop, same-sex couples will be able to produce their own biological children with the use of stem cells converted into sperm. Eggs seem to be a bit harder to produce, but for me and my fiancee, the time may be at hand where we can create our own daughter together, from our own DNA. This, coupled with our desire to adopt a child (preferably one who is a little older and could use some real love and care), means that not only are same-sex couples going to be able to create children together in the near future, but we're also making a difference now by adopting children who need good, loving families right now. Marriage and commitment aren't just about creating more kids for the world (when there are already too many people); families look different all across the world, and there are chosen families and biological families (and sometimes our chosen families are the ones that bring us the most joy, peace, and happiness).

I suppose my point (sorry for straying) is that, while this video is ridiculous and same-sex marriage wouldn't invalidate the ideas they expressed but only add to and expand the capacity for them to be expressed, I also feel like videos like these are short-lived. Everything is changing--politically, socially, and scientifically. :)