Friday, May 24, 2013

Boy Scout decision elicits extreme emotion from both sides of the debate

Reactions to the decision by the Boy Scouts to lift the ban on gay youth but uphold it when it comes to Scout leaders is getting plenty of reaction. First from the Associated Press comes this emotional video:

Meanwhile, the rabid wolves at the conservative Free Republic aren't exactly in a celebratory mood. The following are just a few of the comments:

They can go to hell. But they want to take the kids with them.

The end of scouting. When will the sodomy merit badge be coming?

Great, the scouts are now the Village People. :(

The homo-nazi’s have won. But they will really celebrate all the more as chapter after chapter close up and the entire organization implodes.

Unbelievable..let the molestation begin..if I had a young boy I sure as hell would never put him in Scouts..mind as well put a target on his back and say “Molest me”

and what happens after there are endless reports of gay boy scouts hitting on other scouts? Sexual assault? The number of parents suing the BSA will be through the roof. No child should be subject to this type of filth.


Jerry Callender said...

Wow - I grew up in the 1950's South. I entered Cubs at 10, Boy Scouts at 12 and Sea Explorers at 17. I worked hard to be a good Scout, did well in school, performed the daily assigned chores at home, always said "Please" and "Thank you" and held the door for ladies. I EARNED EAGLE but was kicked out of Scouts without the badge. Thru all of the years, going to all of the summer camps, all of the over night hikes, I NEVER touched another boy. I think the increasing hate-filled rhetoric and bullying suicides of young people is escalating. THIS EVIL DIALOG MUST END!!! WE ARE YOUR CHILDREN!!! LISTEN TO US!!! EMBRACE US!!! DO NOT ADD TO OUR STRUGGLE!!!

GDad said...

The Village People? Really?

These people are really up to date on their stereotypes.