Wednesday, May 01, 2013

'Buster Wilson's big gay nightmare' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

African-Americans, the Last Democratic Holdouts on Gay Marriage? - Last holdout my tush! We have already crossed over.

 SAGE report looks at LGBT elders of color - Excellent report on a demographic who slips through the cracks. 

 Cleveland Plain Dealer Dehumanizes Murdered Transgender Woman - Simply awful!  

Colorado Same-Sex Couples Begin Obtaining Civil Unions - Sweet!! 

 Buster Wilson's Big Gay Dream Turns into a Nightmare - Personally, I'm spooked that a man named "Buster" has big gay dreams.  

Vivian Billings, 'The Gossip Game' Star, Embraces Transgender Son On VH1 Show - Nothing like some positive news.  

NOM's star speaker attacks me, says 'unrepentant' gays are 'perverts,' repeats belief that homosexuality is worse than bestiality - The next time someone whines about lgbts not having any 'tolerance' for opinions which brand them as sinners, etc. . .

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Tor said...

Breaking news:

Buster Wilson admits "I’m a hate monger."

See how that works?