Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The dumbest anti-gay 'study' you will ever read

Paul Cameron
Poor junk scientist researcher Paul Cameron. He thinks people still take his homophobic dreck and fake studies seriously:

Rush Limbaugh said Penn State's Sandusky was gay. Bill O'Reilly retorted (1) "homosexuality has nothing to do with the crime of pedophilia." Really, O'Reilly?
We put "2012 Child Sexual Abuse" through Google News from Feb 8 thru March 8, 2013. Counting same-sex adult/child sex as homosexual; opposite-sex abuse as heterosexual, the homosexual fraction for the 210 US perpetrators in Google-linked stories was: 
·         Foster/adoptive fathers: 6 of 8 (75%)
·         Teachers (including librarians, aides); males 6/17 (35%); females 3/7 (43%)
·         Boy Scouts: 3/4; Boys/girls clubs: 2/2
·         Religious leaders: Protestant 8/11 (73%); Catholic 5/5; Jewish 3/4
·         Babysitters: 3/5; Daycare workers: 2/4
·         Coaches, instructors: 5/9 (56%); Policemen, firemen: 3/9
·         Relatives (moms, dads, grandparents): 2/10 
·         Stepfathers/Mothers' boyfriends: 1/10
·         Friends/Neighbors: 1/9
·         Others: 34 of 96 (35%)
Women were 1 of 25 foreign,  22 (10%) of U.S. perpetrators (13 [59%]) engaged in homosexuality. Homosexuality was also large among foreign clerics (Catholic 4/5; Protestant 1/1; Jewish 3/3).
Child sexual abuse was excessively homosexual as only 3% of adults admitted homosexual contacts in the U.S. government random sample of 33,902.(2) In Jay &Young (3) 22% of 4,329 gays & 5% of 962 lesbians reported illegal sex with children of their sex. And in Kinsey Institute (4) interviews with 671 San Francisco gays, 23% admitted illegal sex with boys; of 288 lesbians, 4% admitted illegal sex with girls. And these perpetrators said kids were only 'half or less' of their sex partners -- the rest were adults.
Three centuries before Christ, Aristophanes noted "when they grow to be men, they become lovers of boys, and it requires compulsion to overcome their natural disinclination to marriage and procreation." "Do some homework, O'Reilly!" said Dr. Paul Cameron, who supervised the study: "Look at the empirical evidence, not pro-homosexual professional association statements."

What garbage. First of all, the premise is wrong. The gender of the victim has nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the perpetrator. Secondly, the belief that child sexual abuse being "excessively homosexual" has been rejected by several groups including the American Psychological Association, the National Association of Social Workers, the American Academy of Child Psychiatrists and the Child Welfare League of America.

Thirdly, two of Cameron's sources -  Jay and Young (The Gay Report) and the Kinsey Institute (Homosexualities) were published over 30 years ago. And both works have explicitly said that their conclusions are not meant to generalize about the entire lgbt community.

The Gay ReportWe agreed at the outset not to pretend that these percentages represented the practices and views of all gay people—they reflected only our respondents.

Homosexualities - “. . . given the variety of circumstances which discourage homosexuals from participating in research studies, it is unlikely that any investigator will ever be in a position to say that this or that is true of a given percentage of all homosexuals.” 

Is it any wonder why Cameron is a laughing stock in the medical profession?


Mykelb said...

Garbage in, garbage out.

Matthew Martin said...

I'd add that google news is not a nationally representative sample of crimes. Sexual abuse involving boys is more likely to make the news. When you use a less biased data source, like actual police reports, you find that gay men are less likely to commit sexual abuse than straight men.

Moreover, the logic is all wrong. By far the biggest predictor of committing any sexual crime is being male, but I don't see Paul Cameron going after all men.

Rick2L said...

Apparently Cameron considers little girls and sexually mature women to be the same things. Isn't this attitude the very definition of pederasty?