Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Harvey Milk Day!

It's Harvey Milk Day across the nation as we honor the life and contributions of civil rights and human rights leader Harvey Milk. I understand that some folks are not happy and are raising a little fuss. But you know what? Who cares what they think? Enjoy the following videos:

 From the youtube:

On Harvey Milk Day 2012 (May 22), the SF Gay Men's Chorus traveled to the California State Capitol in Sacramento to announce the launch of "Harvey Milk 2013: Living The Legacy", a year-long tribute that culminates in a world premiere, multi-media concert and exhibition event presented by the chorus in June 2013.

This full-length musical interpretation of Harvey's legacy, being hailed as the first of its kind, will include the winners of a call for artistic submissions from the general public, as well as a commissioned work by Broadway composer Andrew Lippa (The Addams Family Musical). Joining the chorus on the steps of the Capitol building were California State Senator Mark Leno and California State Assembly member Tom Ammiano, two of the three authors behind the bill to legislate Harvey Milk Day into California law in 2009, along with teachers from schools in Sacramento, CA who received a gift from the chorus - the score of an anthem commissioned for Harvey Milk 2013 called "Give 'Em Hope", which was performed by the chorus at the event. 

This second video is also from last year in which the SF Gay Men's Chorus performed 'Give 'Em Hope' at its June concert and during SF Pride:

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