Wednesday, May 22, 2013

'VA Lt. Gov nominee - 'Adam & Steve will lead to Adam and a bull' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

E.W. Jackson Warns Same-Sex Marriage Leads to Bestiality: 'Adam and Steve' Becomes 'Adam and a Bull' - Virginia Republicans, THIS is the guy you nominated to run for Lt. Governor. Say it with me now - LORD HAMMERCY! 

In other news: 

 Liberty Counsel & Liberty Univ. personality proud of his extreme rhetoric; I applaud him for owning it! - Dear Matt Barber, please look up the fable of the Mischievious Dog.  

Senate Democrats drop-kick binational gay couples - This doesn't look good for us right now but remember that those with power never give it up without a fight. So don't stop fighting.

  Conservatives Reticent To Condemn Anti-Gay Hate Crime - Some conservatives were noble (and late) to condemn the recent anti-gay violence in New York. Others were their usual hateful selves.  

Campus Crusade For Christ ‘Pamoja 3′ Conference Incites Hatred Against LGBT Community In Africa - Not a good thing at all


Patrick Fitzgerald said...

E.W. Jackson: "If you don’t take a stand, you will soon be overwhelmed by the torrent of wickedness that is going on around us."
Like those perfectly manicured lawns, fresh coats of paint, colorful flowerbeds, increased property values…


Anonymous said...

Oh great, now I have a headache from rolling my eyes while watching that video.