Monday, June 24, 2013

Hate group wants Congress to investigate the Southern Poverty Law Center

Tony Perkins of FRC
Last week, I received the following money plea email from the Family Research Council:

The secret is out. The Obama administration has joined forces with perhaps the most anti-Christian organization in America today -- the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

By making reckless accusations against those who stand for biblical morality, the SPLC has incited violence and hatred against those who oppose the Obama administration on issues such as same-sex "marriage" and religious liberty.

The anti-Christian crusade instigated by the SPLC has already resulted in an armed terrorist attack on Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, D.C.

You would think that the Obama Justice Department would distance itself from the SPLC for creating a climate of animus and hatred toward groups like FRC, but since the attack on our headquarters the Justice Department has shown no signs of breaking ties with the SPLC.

That's why FRC is urging Congress to investigate the SPLC's ties to the Obama administration. Will you help us stand strong? The President needs to be exposed for colluding with the SPLC to stifle debate on social policy issues by means of intimidation, fear-mongering, and spreading lies.

The email ends with a plea by FRC for folks to send a "much needed gift" so that the organization can continue to supposedly expose SPLC and the Obama Administration

No doubt this is just a ploy for FRC to raise money (and a way to get back at SPLC for rightfully designating it as a "hate group") but I would advise the organization to tread lightly. There is a myriad of information out there which would prove that the Family Research Council is guilty of everything it has been accused of by the Southern Poverty Law Center. And then some.

In the possible Congressional investigation or hearing, I am sure the following will come out how the Family Research Council:

  • accused gays of being tools of Satan,
  • falsely accused an organization (GLSEN) of deliberately giving adult material to minors,
  • distorted scientific research and ignored the authors of said research when they complain about how you misuse their data,
  • published papers and studies authored by fake experts filled with false data egregiously cherry-picked, and
  • made inaccurate comparisons about such things as same-sex marriage as opposed to heterosexual marriage

The question for FRC is do you really want all of this to come out?

Do you really want there to be a Congressional hearing or investigation where no doubt you would be exposed as a fraudulent organization who has for over two decades hid its homophobia, lies, and propaganda behind "Christian principles."

I think the old adage of being careful of what you wish for because you just might receive it is very apropo here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh they'll push this and more likely than not Congress will tell them to go get fucked.

But it would be entertaining because it would all be captured for posterity sake on video. Watching them squirm under questioning would be delightful.

Woodstock said...

"Armed terrorist attack"? One angry guy with a gun? He must have been a terrorist because he snapped and attacked the FRC for spreading lies. I guess the FRC believes in "go big or go home". Their hyperbole is unbelievable.

neilogue said...

It sounds like FRC accepts that its anti-gay crusade is responsible for all the violence and other hate crimes experienced by LGBT people. Perkins has effectively vindicated SPLC as having made valid criticism. The FRC promotes bigotry. Prejudiced members of the public are encouraged to take matters into their own hands.

One lone gunman does not amount to a pattern of abuse. The FBI's hate crime statistics of anti-gay violence does. It's a pattern of abuse FRC seems only too happy to encourage.