Tuesday, July 09, 2013

'Ex-gay group wants YOUR music videos!' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Here is your big chance for stardom. The 'ex-gay' group - Voice for the Voiceless - pushing for July to be declared 'ex-gay' pride month is not only demanding a Congressional resolution but they also are sponsoring a music video contest.

Enter if you want but I should tell you that I have this contest practically won with my song "Denial Just Ain't In Egypt." Now I have to find some semi nude male dancers.

In other news:

Orson Scott Card, Anti-Gay Author, Responds To 'Ender's Game' Boycott Campaign - So Orson Scott Card, the NOM board member who has said many, many venomous things against gays (including something about overthrowing a society which approves of marriage equality and how gays are products of molestation and abuse) is  pleading for "tolerance" now that he is at the mercy of the lgbt consumer community. Okay Orson. How about I promise not to cut one in your face when you are kissing my tuckus. (Oh that was so wrong but it felt sooooo good!)

New Federal Lawsuit Challenges Pennsylvania’s Ban On Same-Sex Marriage - Dagnabit! See what happens when you let lgbts get married in one place. Pretty soon they ALL are going to want to get married!

6 Things That Will Happen Now That The Sanctity Of Marriage Is Destroyed - Just six?

Another GOP Pol Takes the Portman Route As Ohio Kicks Off Petition Drive To Reverse Marriage Ban - Good for him!


Anonymous said...

Okay, the ex-gay music video thing reminds me of the episode of King of the hill, where Bobby finds religion, in the form of a hip young youth pastor, with his own christian rock band, when Hank opines "Your not making christanity better, your just making rock and roll worse."

Unknown said...

Those poor discriminated-against gays who are openly in the closet deserve the same rights as non-gays. The fight for their equal rights will be long and nonexistent.

Gregory Peterson said...

June is Gay Pride Month, July is Ex-Gay Month, which must mean that August is Ex-Ex Gay Month.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Oh Orson, I'll watch for the reviews and if everybody totally LOVES your new movie I will pick up the DVD at the library in 5 or 6 years, if I forget what an ass you are.

RainbowPhoenix said...

David Gerrold had the best response to Card. Get your fucking foot of my neck, then we'll talk tolerance.