Friday, August 02, 2013

'Black conservative summit aims to fight lgbt equality' and other Friday midday news briefs

Fischer: Gay Activists Should Support Russia's Anti-Gay Laws In The Name Of Diversity - Oh yeah. Support getting your ass kicked and being imprisoned simply for your sexual orientation "in the name of diversity." I don't think science has discovered the species of hate which embodies Fischer's psyche.  

Black Conservative Summit boasts multiple speakers who blame Satan for gays, LGBT rights - Apparently there is going to be a "black conservative summit" addressing ways to fight lgbt equality starring the usual cast of characters of anti-gay black activists. First item on the agenda - "how to get more money from these white religious right groups who's paying us to do this shit." 

California Catholic School Fires Gay Teacher For Marrying Partner - Obviously they are angry at him for breaking the "lonely, struggling with his faith and will never get a man" gay guy stereotype.  

“Purposeful Misinformation”: How Right-Wing Media Are Smearing San Antonio’s Proposed Anti-Discrimination Ordinance - A deliberate attempt to lie about an anti-discrimination ordinance. Sad but typical.  

Same-Sex Couple Visa Applications Will Receive Equal Treatment - Finally, let's end today's news briefs with some good news regarding same-sex couples and VISA applications.

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