Monday, August 05, 2013

Oh horrors! Pediatricians should recognize same-sex families

The right-wing publication LifeSite News seems to be all up in arms over the fact that the American Academy of Pediatrics has said that pediatricians should recognize that they treat children in same-sex households and thus should do more to encourage a more accepting environment.

According to the AAP, homosexuality “should not be considered abnormal.” While the organization acknowledges that “LGBTQ” teens as a whole engage in riskier behaviors and report higher rates of substance abuse, promiscuity, depression, self-harm, and even teen pregnancy, they blame that on “the presence of stigma from homophobia and heterosexism,” which “often leads to psychological distress [and] an increase in risk behaviors.”

As a result, the organization says doctors should make every effort to eliminate heterosexism in their practices.

Heterosexism is defined as “the societal expectation that heterosexuality is the expected norm and that, somehow, LGBTQ individuals are abnormal.” The AAP calls heterosexism “insidious and damaging.”

 . . .  Additionally, the AAP recommends pediatricians take an active role in promoting acceptance of homosexual behavior in their schools and communities.

“Pediatricians should support or create gay-straight alliances at schools,” the guidelines state, “and support the development and enforcement of zero-tolerance policies for homophobic teasing, bullying, harassment, and violence.”

The group also recommends physicians keep a list of homosexual advocacy groups and their websites handy to give to children who express confusion about their sexuality.

The organization recommends doctors display brochures and images featuring same-sex couples as well as straight ones, and affix rainbow decals throughout their offices to show they embrace homosexuality.

Believe it or not, other than a wannabe salacious headline, Pediatricians should decorate office with pictures of gay couples: Medical group, the article doesn't condemn the AAP for this very logical and seemingly uncontroversial step of treating all of their patients equally.

Lifesite News leaves those leaving comments to do the dirty work:

SO TRUE! What is going on in America, dear God save them! If a child says she/he is having sex, the doctor should ask with a male or female or both???? WHAT IS THIS??? I pray that this homosexual lifestyle does not set root in my country. I and my family will NOT tolerate it.

Displaying pictures of dismembered infants would be honest, and that's not allowed. Why not have posters on the wall explaining the HIV infection rate among gay men as compared to heterosexual couples. why not also explain about the short term open relationships, promiscuity and sexual addiction that is rampant in homosexual couples!

This will certainly go a long way in disarming children when they are approached by a homosexual. If sodomy is normal, what's abnormal?

 This is their master plan, to capture as many children as possible for their cause. If you are a parent and are not actively combating this recruitment, you are risking the sacrifice of your child on their homosexual altar.

I guess when you have ready made sheep, you can put anything in front of them to tear apart.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Linda Harvey has warned parents against gay doctors who treat children. It's so much hate and distrust over something that has nothing to do with them being doctors. Now asking doctors to be aware of SS couples children or children who are gay and having information ready for them to keep safe and healthy should be a crime.
Religion is going to kill us all.

Erica Cook said...

I was talking with a friend I have who I'm hopping will get help for PTSD from abuse in the ex-gay movement. The thing I said was that the reason why homosexuality is no longer considered a mental disorder is because we don't fit the minimal requirements. We are rare, IE abnormal being estimated between 3% and 16%, but so is extreme altruism and they aren't considered mentally ill for the same reason. They aren't a harm to themselves or others.