Thursday, August 08, 2013

'Focus on the Family doesn't want children to know about same-sex families' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Focus On The Family: It’s ‘Orwellian’ To Teach Kids That LGBT People Exist - You know when they say junk like this, I publicize it. Don't ignore it. You ignore it and people won't know what we have to put up with.

Russian Officials Commit Human Rights Violations While Denying Human Rights Are Being Violated - There is nothing snarky I can add to this article.

Gay Military Spouses May Get Benefits Under Proposal - Yes! I am all for this.

Fox Guest Bill Cunningham: "In The Good Ol' Days ... Gay Meant You Were Happy And Ayds Was An Appetite Suppressant" - I personally yearn for the days when they didn't let every "Tom, Dick, and Dumbass" on television.

Guinness: 'Cultures Where You Have A High View Of Homosexuality Have A Very Low View Of Women' - See comments from news brief number one.

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AshleyLynn Wilson said...

In Cincinnati, we have to put up with Bill Cunningham polluting the radio waves every day. He's been spreading his ignorance for decades here and the populace has suffered the consequences.