Thursday, August 08, 2013

Lindsey Graham challenger retweets gay slur about him

Lindsey Graham
South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has been the subject of long-time rumors that he's gay. No matter how many times he denies it, the rumors don't stop.

And now it seems that they are making their way into upcoming 2014 Senate race where he faces three primary challengers from the Tea Party. According to Politico:

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s primary challenger retweeted a tweet that calls him “Nancy boy,” according to the Sunlight Foundation’s Politwoops, which monitors politicians’ deleted tweets.

Nancy Mace on Tuesday tweeted: “RT @PaulSteel4: @nancymace we support you here in Florida. Nancy Mace vs Nancy boy graham.”

 “Nancy boy” is an early 20th century term, often considered derogatory, for an effeminate or homosexual man. Mace, who announced on Saturday she will be challenging Graham in the primary, deleted the tweet after 10 minutes, Politwoops said. Mace’s account is not a verified account. The Mace campaign did not return calls for a comment.

If there is one place in which a vicious whispering campaign would be effective, it is in South Carolina. Remember in 2000,  John McCain's  presidential campaign was derailed by several rumors, including the claim that his wife was a drug addict and their adopted daughter was the product of an affair


Anonymous said...

Personally, I won't vote for him - not because he's gay, but because he's repugnant.

Jerry Callender said...

Tell me isn't so....
Lindsay a Nancy Boy???
I might have to try straight!!!
Oh no, can't go that far.....
maybe if we just ignore him???