Monday, August 12, 2013

Members of the religious right seem to be obsessed with 'gay sex'

Some members of the religious right, such as this guy - former chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, think about gay sex too much to be complaining about it.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

They do seem to be obsessed with gay men but so many of them leave us lesbians out. I want to be obsessed about too! LOL
These people have a weird idea of what love is. It is not the act as much as the feelings and commitment to the other person that is real love. My wife and I have been through so many hardships that would break up a couple if it was just about sex. That is love.
Why can't they see our long term relationships or our families? Why can't they believe we know and experience the same love as they do? They are afraid if themselves. They are afraid they could love a same gender person so they tell themselves and others how bad it is. They think about it it all the time because they are not getting any.

Anonymous said...

These people are nothing more than sanctimonious mental voyeurs. They allow their imaginations to venture into the intimate acts of strangers, yet they dare to call those strangers perverts.

I have one thing to say to them. Get the hell out of my bedroom! You have not been invited, and you are not wanted there!