Monday, August 12, 2013

News brief special: Fox News becoming headquarters of funneled anti-gay propaganda

A while back, I told the lgbt community to watch out how for Fox News because the network will soon become a news entity where anti-gay propaganda would be able to be pushed to millions without the courtesy of a pushback or correction. From Equality Matters comes several examples of how this is slowly but steadily happening:

Fox's Gutfeld Mocks "Confused" Students Who Would Benefit From California Transgender Rights Bill

Fox's Todd Starnes Suggests Obama Is Secretly Gay For Supporting LGBT Athletes  

Fox’s Starnes Mocks Obama For Supporting Gay Olympians 

 Daily Caller Launches Weekly Column From Todd Starnes, Fox's Resident Mouthpiece For Anti-Gay Hate Groups 

 Fox News Gins Up “Bathroom Bill” Fears To Dismiss Protections For Transgender Students  

Fox's Erickson Dismisses Transgender People: "A Person Is Born Male or Female And That's Their Gender"  

Fox News Relies On Anti-LGBT Hate Groups To Condemn Protections For Transgender Students

 The only thing I can do thus far is report that this is happening. But it will take a large lgbt organization to start educating and raising hell about this. Hello, GLAAD!

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