Tuesday, November 12, 2013

American Family Association's version of Christianity includes not correcting articles on Benghazi

Via it's supposed news site, One News Now, the American Family Association implies that it presents news from a "Christian point of view."

This of course means heavy on the anti-gay articles, as well as articles bashing Obama and featuring false claims of anti-Christian persecution.

But in its zeal, One News Now misses the irony of what it covers via its headlines. There are several stories talking about how Christians are being attacked and not allowed to express their faith without reprisal in this country:

In NY: Saying no to 'gay wedding' puts your business at risk 

Chaplains withdraw from, sue training program over alleged harassment 

 AFA honors vets, concerned over their religious liberty Persecution of Christians should concern all faiths

 It's rather telling that the headlines of the above article appear on the same page as the following:

 Florida community pushes back against Islam in school textbook 

In other words, let's not attack the Christians when the Muslims will do just nicely.

But nowhere is AFA's strange idea of "Christian point of view more evident than in its reporting of the latest Benghazi controversy.

For the edification of those who are not aware, 60 Minutes came out with a "shocking" new report regarding the Benghazi controversy which has plagued the Obama Administration. Supposedly the report poses new questions as to the Obama Administration's claims about the tragedy. That is until 60 Minutes was forced to backtrack last week because it turns out its source told huge lies about where he was on that awful night. The investigative reporter, Lara Logan, apologized and acknowledged that the source was not truthful. The article featuring this report has been pulled from CBS's webpage.

This new revelation has cast a serious pall over 60 Minutes' credibility everywhere, except on One News Now. AFA's news site continues to feature two articles published before the new revelations:

 Judicial Watch: '60 Minutes' stripped away lies about Benghazi attack  

Maginnis: Report on Benghazi attack proves Obama critics were right 

As of now, One News Now has yet to post any articles acknowledging the new revelations about the 60 Minutes Benghazi report.

And don't even bother to type in a correction on the comments section of the two articles above because both sections have been closed meaning you can't make a comment.

Now we all know that Jesus didn't say a word about homosexuality, but someone should inform One News Now and the AFA what He said about lying and bearing false witness.

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Erica Cook said...

There's one thing in this country that I am so sick of, and that is the pretense that there is freedom of religion. Not one person I have ever seen speak up on the first amendment has ever actually meant to protect religious freedom, they have worked to protect Christian supremacy. As a Wiccan my faith is only respected as far as it mirrors Christianity, and anywhere the ideal diverge I'm expected to change or deffer to the religion that reigns supreme.

Yes, our priests and priestesses are allowed to marry people, but only people of the opposite sex unless the local Christians decide they might allow it. And with all these clauses protecting religious freedom, I guarantee if a Wiccan asked for the same clause they'd be laughed out of senate.

I voted for Obama and I'd do it again, over and over. As we break racial lines there is one line that will never be broken. We have a black president, we will likely have a woman president, we may even one day have a black woman president, even a gay president, but we will never have a president who isn't Christian. I doubt this nation will ever have room for religions unlike their own.