Tuesday, November 12, 2013

'DO NOT follow Pat Robertson's advice about what to ask gay son' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Dear parents, if your son comes to you with the news that he is gay, do not - and I repeat - DO NOT do what Pat Robertson advises you to do in this clip:

 In other news: 

 Conservative Coalition: Repeal of California Transgender Student Rights Law Will Qualify for Ballot - Ugh. Prop 8 redux with some of the same nauseating players.

New Jersey Judge Upholds Ban On Ex-Gay Therapy For Minors - Sweet!! Good news out of New Jersey. 

TWO Launches New Website To Educate About Science and Sexual Orientation - As always, one of my mentors, Wayne Besen, and the folks of Truth Wins Out are ahead of the curve.  

NOM Sure Has A Lot Of Politicians to Hold Accountable - NOM loses again. Answers back with empty threats.


Anonymous said...

"Be understanding," he says. Ha. I don't think he knows what that even means.

to confuse you said...

"Talk to him, counsel with him, be understanding," yes. Assume he was molested? NO. (I can't believe people actually write to this buffoon for advice...)