Thursday, January 02, 2014

'Why did FRC's Tony Perkins refuse a face-to-face debate with lgbt activist?' and other Thursday midday news briefs

The conversation we're having versus the forced monologue they want us to dignify - We keep hearing ad nauseam from Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council that we are trying to silence folks like him when it comes to the issue of lgbt equality. We know this is a dodge and now comes a bit of proof which we SIMPLY MUST INVESTIGATE FURTHER. My friend Jeremy Hooper, during an excellent post about how anti-gay activists like to turn tv interviews into talking point monologues, has revealed some interesting information regarding a recent appearance he and Perkins made on Fox News. Allegedly, Perkins REFUSED to debate him face-to-face. Subsequently, Megyn Kelly did back-to-back interviews with Hooper and then Perkins. Enough of the jaded comments of "well I'm surprised." We need to demand answers. Why didn't Tony Perkins want to go head-to-head with Jeremy. We know the answer, but the question still needs to be raised - PUBLICLY!  That's the difference between them and us. If they had such a revelation about us, they would broadcast it to the heavens. We need to broadcast this revelation in the same manner.

Limericks By Matt Barber - This is just dumb. Instead of good arguments as to why his side opposes lgbt equality, anti-gay activist Matt Barber is now writing juvenile limericks. You gotta be kidding me!

 Amazon pulls book telling parents to ignore their gay kids - Thanks to another blogging friend of mine, Wil Kohl of, this book has been pulled from Amazon. Free speech my tuckus! Amazon is a private company. Besides if we run this claptrap by a woman who has NO expertise in lgbt healthcare, or anything else resembling lgbt healthcare, why not run books supporting lobotomies?  

No ‘Mass Exodus’ From Boy Scouts As New Gay Scout Rule Goes Into Effect - Another religious right fear story bites the dust.

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