Thursday, January 02, 2014

Why won't FRC's Tony Perkins engage in face-to-face debate on lgbt equality?

Earlier today, I talked about the revelation that during a recent appearance on Fox News, Family Research Council head Tony Perkins refused to engage lgbt activist Jeremy Hooper in a face-to-face debate. Most likely it's probably because when he has to debate his anti-gay position against someone who knows their stuff, the following happens:


Anonymous said...

Probably because Perkins got trounced by Frank in that video. He knows he's putting forth an unsupportable proposition. And he had hoped nobody would call him on it.

Notice how Perkins drops to a derisive smile every time they cut to Barney Frank?

DaveinUK said...

The reason is pretty clear, Perkins loves to cite what he calls "Social Science Research" which in reality are completely fake "studies" that his Hate group cranks out for his softball appearances on Cable TV. Perkins can't last two minutes when challenged with actual facts.