Tuesday, February 25, 2014

'Reports - Brewer may veto anti-gay segregation bill' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

God, I hope so!  

NBC News: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer 'Likely to Veto' Anti-Gay Bill - More info on this from Towleroad.

 In other news:

How Fox News Helped Promote State Anti-Gay Segregation Bills - I predicted this crap about Fox News years ago. Via the false claim of initiating debate, the network gives anti-gay groups free reign and support to push their propaganda without any pushback. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council likes to accuse his opponents of not wanting a debate. We see his definition of debate when watching him being coddled by Megyn Kelly or anyone else on this poor excuse for a news network. 

How The Ugandan Press Cheered The Country’s New Anti-LGBT Law - Simply vile. Don't read this link if you have a low tolerance for anger. The Ugandan Press may cheer now but wait until some of them face the fire they have created.

 Challenged By Anderson Cooper To Provide One Example To Justify Anti-Gay Bill, Arizona Senator Comes Up Empty - Just embarrassing. 

 Eric Holder: State Attorneys General Should Be 'Suspicious' Of Gay Marriage Bans - Religious right freak out T-Minus 10 . . 9 . . 8  

Victory! Lambda Legal Persuades Social Security to Give Survivor Benefits to 92-Year-Old Transgender Widow - She should have been given her benefits from the start. 

 Fischer: Gay Activists Are 'Jack-Booted Homofascist Thugs' - I resent that. I wouldn't be caught dead in a "jack-boot."

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