Tuesday, March 25, 2014

'Anti-gay reporter meets personality who spooks even HIM' and other Tuesday news briefs

Due to a family funeral today, there will be no midday news briefs. Hopefully these news briefs will tide you over:

Todd Starnes
 Credit Where Due: Todd Starnes Ends Interview With End Times Fanatic Rick Wiles - File this under bizarre. Anti-gay writer Todd Starnes meets another anti-gay personality who scares even HIM. Two amazing things happen during this interview. Starnes abruptly ends the interview and I give him props for the dignity he handles the situation. I suspect that second thing won't be happening any time again soon.

 Fox News Still Uses "Homosexual" To Describe Gay People - Fox News would make cake and ice cream sound vulgar.  

Ellen Page Tweets Response To Message From Anti-Gay Pastor - Sweet!

Why Affirming Bisexuality Is A Public Health Concern - Because bisexuals exist and have to deal with a huge amount of stereotypes, particularly involving promiscuity.

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