Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to answer an insulting statement on marriage equality

I don't know what program this is, but it sounds like something from Great Britain. At any rate, the older woman claims, in an insulting tone, about how marriage equality will hijack her marriage. While it's easy to allow yourself to get angry when people make statements like this, remember that when folks like Brian Brown says things like this, they want you to get angry so they can play the victim. We should remember that our answers need to be not out of anger, but firmly committed to our relationships and common sense, just like the young lady debating her and a member of the audience:


Erica Cook said...

I ask them which religions count when it comes to the first amendment.

BJohnM said...

Perfect question Erica.

Coxygru said...

This was aired on RTE, one of Ireland's TV networks. If anyone has a link to the full show, please post it. The marriage debate is over in most of Great Britain, but not in Northern Ireland, or in the nation of Ireland.

Coxygru said...

Here's a link to the full RTE show aired on 2nd April 2013.
YouTube has a 34-minute clip: