Thursday, April 24, 2014

'Anti-gay leader - America needs a crackdown on gays just like Russia' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Those have read this blog recently know that I am concerned with the attempt by anti-groups and personalities to portray themselves as innocent folks beset by an aggressively encroaching lgbt horde out to force their beliefs on them via the guise of "tolerance." Part of the reason why the re-imaging may be successful is the lack of attention when it comes to videos like above. When a spokesman in one of the largest religious right groups in the country expresses a public desire for laws which will basically imprison people for being lgbt, that's a big deal. Particularly when one considers how many Congressional leaders has appeared on this man's show. But to us, it's not. It's either because we have heard it so much that we have become desensitized or we just don't get the power of words. But whatever the case is, we have got to stop being nonchalant. No matter how they attempt to portray themselves, anti-gay groups can't get away from the rhetoric. They can't get away from the nasty words of the Linda Harveys, the Matt Barbers, or even the Bryan Fischers. But they can hide it, if we allow them. And so far, we have been doing a good job at that.  Those who whine about why folks like these three are given platforms obviously don't understand the power of the word. And they definitely don't understand when an enemy offers to hangs him or herself

In other news

Robert Oscar Lopez says I perform 'psychological operations routine' on him when I quote his own words from his own web siteRobert Oscar Lopez likes to venomously slam same-sex families. However, he despises it when folks quote his comments.
How A New Book About Gay Christians Is Reviving Evangelical Homophobia - After all of the fuss they have been raising about "religious liberty," I have been enjoying anti-gay folks turn flips in order to justify their breach of "religious liberty."

Ugandan Health Workers Could Become Front-Line Enforcers Of Anti-Homosexuality Act - This move would be devastating to Uganda's public health. It's sad when folks don't realize just how much danger their homophobia puts them in.

Gay business owners still face challenges - The segment of the working population seems to be falling through the cracks and I don't think an anti-discrimination law can help them.

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Anonymous said...

People like you are doing the hard work of filtering and forwarding these stories to us. For that I say, thanks. You mentioned getting desensitized by the rhetoric. I would be my hope that after hearing and reading enough of what these people spew out, others, who's responsibility it is to make decisions that affect us, will themselves become 'desensitized' and see what is in front of them; the need for civility without the curse of Fundamentalist religion.