Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crystal Moore firing igniting a much-needed national conversation on ENDA

Over a week after she was fired, the case involving former Latta, SC police chief Crystal Moore has ignited a very appropriate national conversation over the need for lgbt-inclusive anti-discrimination laws. It's one thing to tell folks that people can be fire for simply being an lgbt. That doesn't seem to register in their heads. However, to see a case in living color where this sort of thing is happening registers with them big time.

As seen by the above interview with MSNBC host Craig Melvin, Moore is an intelligent, articulate woman who only wanted to do her job before caught in this controversy. Unfortunately she has now become a statistic of unfairness as seen by the graphic below:


Sean said...

Notice not one of the religious right cult leaders of Anti-gay Inc. are defending her being fired for who she is instead of her ability to do the job yet they are still bitching and moaning about the Mozilla guy who resigned of his volition. Oh that's right Anti-gay Inc.'s rules don't apply to themselves.

Erica Cook said...

What's holding ENDA up? Republicans don't think we matter. Even those who support us consider us to be a low priority issue. We just don't have value.