Friday, August 15, 2014

Christian singer comes out, handles herself well against anti-gay spokesman

Vicky Beeching is a popular Christian singer in Europe who just came out. Naturally this has caused a great deal of controversy. But girlfriend isn't backing down and has no problem with speaking her mind, even against some of the most vicious anti-gay spokespeople out there, such as Scott Lively. In a recent television appearance, she handled herself rather well against his anti-gay piety.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it was too much coffee or listening to Mr. Lively but my stomach is upset. He doesn't believe there are actual gay people but yet he has many ex-gay friends. How can one change something that supposedly doesn't exist? After bragging about it, when reminded of his involvement in Uganda he called it a lie. Which is it, Sir? "You can change, you can change." Once again, how does he expect one to change what he claims does not exist? And about his claim of one man and one woman being the only acceptable pairing in the Bible? He seems to have missed the parts about many wives, concubines, and the oldie but goodie, if you don't like your wife go hire a prostitute.

I have been reading about this man for months. Hearing him in this clip confirms that I have no respect for him. His voice may not be silenced, but, his words will become only an annoying drone for those within range.

As for Ms. Beeching, she deserves all the love and support she gets. Her statements of what is and isn't in the Bible were not based on a 21st century interpretation. Which reminds me, there is a prohibition, in Revelations, against changing any words found in the Bible.

Ms. Beeching has explanations for her beliefs. Not the "I don't believe" and "You can change" rhetoric of Mr. Lively.

I am beginning to ramble so I will stop with this: Mr. Lively, shut up. Ms. Beeching, hold fast and you will continue to go far.

Anonymous said...

It's not piety. It's sanctimoniousness.