Thursday, August 14, 2014

Florida newspaper yanks noxiously homophobic column

I am so glad that in this world of pundits collecting huge paychecks for doing what amounts to nothing outnumbering actual journalists in the field and the quality of news media going down hill faster than a crashing train (thank you so much Roger Ailes. You ever notice how he looks like Orson Welles in that movie Touch of Evil, i.e. body bloated with corruption and malfeasance oozing out of every pore), some in the media still observe such things as standards and quality as well as discernment.

From Equality Matters:

The Tampa Tribune has pulled a controversial column that alleged Disney is indoctrinating children with its "pro-gay agenda." The column, which was highlighted by Media Matters, had also drawn criticism from gay rights activists and Florida journalists.

 . . . Prior to the column's removal from the Tribune website, several gay rights activists and journalists expressed concern to Media Matters about its stereotypical and offensive arguments. Among them, Nadine Smith, founder and CEO of Equality Florida and a former Tribune reporter.

"The first time I read it I thought it was satire," said Smith, who worked at the Tribune from 1989 to 1993. "It's absurd. He's so fixated on this bizarre, paranoid fantasy that he's actually missed the larger story. Businesses are speaking up and being very visible and speaking out quite publicly for equal rights."

She also called it an embarrassment for the newspaper.

 . . . Jason Parsley, president of the Florida Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and associate publisher of South Florida Gay News, agreed.

"It's just typical right-wing propaganda, the word indoctrination is not one we see much anymore," he said. "I guess he is against tolerance and acceptance, I don't understand the idea. It is a ridiculous, repugnant disgusting view. It really reminds me of 90's rightwing antigay propaganda. Because of social media today and because of 24-hour news, I think the backlash ends up bringing so much awareness that it just completely discounts and diminishes the negative effect."


BJohnM said...

Just called and cancelled my subscription.

Scott S said...

One has to wonder, in an era of declining subscribers to traditional newspapers, whether this was merely a ploy to lure a segment of the population who is clearly in favor of this viewpoint? The trouble is, that group isn't as big as it was in 1978, so it might not be such a smart strategy after all.