Monday, August 03, 2015

Forget the 'Gay Mafia,' let's talk about Cerberus, the three-headed monster of sexual perversion

According to the right-wing group Priests for Life and MLK's tired niece, Alveda King, lgbts make up one half of a three-headed monster of sexual perversion, which along with Planned Parenthood (which they failed to defund just now!), is out to "resist the Word of God ":

Alveda and company refers to the above as a demonic figure. I prefer to call it "Cerberus" after the  three-headed dog in Greek mythology which is supposed to guard the entrance to Hades. Cerberus is such a cool name for an evil syndicate and if they are going to accuse lgbts of being part of one, the least they could do is supply a cool name. It's definitely a lot better than "Big Gay."

Now I would usually end a post with saying something profound or witty. But come on folks, do I really need to for this one?


Terry said...

As a gay man, I'm glad I can do my part as a three-headed demon; however, thanks to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, I'm choosing to think of him as "Fluffy."

Unknown said...

Love this