Monday, August 03, 2015

'FRC spokesman suing Fox Sports over firing after anti-gay comments' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Craig James is suing Fox.
Football commentator sues Fox after being fired over anti-gay comments - THIS promises to be interesting. Notice that the lgbt community had nothing to do with his firing but we will share the blame. The commentator now works for the Family Research Council. And of course there is more to the story of his firing.

What Compassionate Conservatives Are Getting Wrong About Transgender Issues - I'll take "everything" for everything I own, Alex. 

 How Cake Became The Favorite Mode For Debate Over LGBT Rights, Other Issues - Fascinating article.

Republicans want to play the 'homosexuality is a dangerous lifestyle' card again - Reminder of this morning's post on the very important topic of anti-gay propaganda. 

 Can We Adapt Sex Ed For The New LGBT-Inclusive America? - This needs to happen, point blank.

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