Monday, September 21, 2015

Anti-gay spokesperson - Rainbow colored Doritos = anal sex, poop

WOW! I knew some anti-gay figures were angry because Frito-Lay is teaming up with Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project in support of gay youth by creating rainbow colored Doritos, but Bethany Blankley of the venomously anti-gay site BarbWire took her anger to another level.

She is all about anal sex and "the poop."
"Doritos has taken feces and anal sex to a whole new level– making it taste good. Left out in nearly all discussions about homosexuality is the reality that anal sex often infects people with E. coli bacterial infections, spreads sexually transmitted diseases, and can cause anal cavity bleeding and rupturing. Homosexual acts in part, involve one man inserting his sexual organ into another man’s rectum, which contains and emits human excrement."
So when heterosexuals have anal sex, are they gay? Actually her description of anal sex leaves a lot to be desired. Since I'm posting something on it, I need to stress that point. But isn't her poop fascination so precious?

It's what the anti-gay right is reduced to.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch


Erica Cook said...

if you wait long enough all food equals poop, not quite sure what anal sex has do do with it. Been out for over 12 years now and have never had anal sex. ;)

Michael Cudney said...

Oh Bethany honey, there are more heterosexuals probably having sex right now than all the gays in West Hollywood.