Tuesday, September 22, 2015

'Kim Davis digs that hole even deeper' & other Tue midday news briefs

You know who . . .
Kim Davis: ‘I Have Friends Who Are Gay’ Who I Denied Marriage Licenses - The "Cherry Sister" of anti-lgbt activism just refuses to go away. Y'all, I know you think we shouldn't pay her any attention, but I say let her talk. When your best weapon is your enemy's voice, let them use. Just interject yourself every now and then to let folks know what the REAL issue is about. In this case, it is one person attempting to keep gay couples from their legal right to marry. 

Watch: Kim Davis 'Sad' Gays 'So Unhappy' That They Don't Feel 'Dignified' Without 'A Piece Of Paper' - That comment is SO not going to help her. Gee, Kim. Why did you get that "piece of paper" four times? 

 Catholic Schoolteacher Who Was Fired For Being Lesbian Now Invited To Welcome Pope Francis - HA! 

 White House shrugs off criticism over LGBT papal invites - Double HA! 

 How Fox News Turns Transgender People Into Villains - Study these tactics. Before they went into their "we are simply trying to protect religious liberty" act, anti-gay groups used them on the entire lgbt community.  

GOP hopefuls silent as Huckabee attacks gay Army nominee - I guess they are too busy attacking Islamic-Americans and Planned Parenthood. Luckily, Huckabee has the homophobia angle covered.


Scott Rose said...

Kim Davis is in desperate need of psychiatric intervention. Her passive-aggressive insults to the residents of Rowan County whom she is paid to serve say a lot more about her than they do about any gay person. She is a malignant narcissist on top of being anti-gay bigot.

Frank said...

I just want to express a few thoughts on the Kim Davis situation.

First, it is sad that so many people have lowered themselves to send her hate-mail or to name-call. It doesn't help our cause one bit, in fact makes us look like bullies and gives the anti-gay contingent ammunition. Reasoned arguments at least are not easily dismissed by intelligent people and well, those with closed minds don't listen anyway.

Second, has anyone considered the possibility that Davis' religion may be more cult-like than mainstream Christian denominations. I have dealt with people who've been involved with extreme fundamentalist groups and they are literally brainwashed into their beliefs. They hold on to them as if in dread of what might happen if their beliefs turn out to be wrong - and in the case of many gay youth, often through counseling they are able to recognize that their belief system is a great source of pain and confusion. I sense that Kim has bought into such a system because it has provided her a means to repudiate her past life and its disappointments and bad choices. What she may not know is that her current belief system may be fraught with other disappointments and bad choices.

It is easy to say she needs psychiatric intervention [above], but realistically, until her religion is shook at the foundations she will hang on tight. However, Kim, in the interview hints at this possibility of a crumbling belief system when she says her greatest fear is that God does not approve of her, that she may in fact be a hypocrite. I say, give her time. In five or ten years she will write a book about her recovery from this cult.

Third, where are the mainstream Protestant and Catholic denominations and leaders speaking out to say that Kim Davis does not speak for all Christians? Clearly she does not when many denominations approve of same-sex marriage now. Is the "religious freedom" issue too hot a potato to handle? Are they all afraid to put themselves in that position?

Gregory said...

My boyfriend and I got married the first year we were legally allowed (2013). So for the past 2 years I've been able to file a joint tax return. My federal taxes went down about $4000 each of those two years. Too bad about the 22 years we were together before then, when I was not able to file jointly. That is close to $100,000 in extra taxes that I have paid. So don't talk to me about the meaningless slip of paper.