Thursday, January 07, 2016

Anti-gay activist Theodore Shoebat furious that other bigots think of him as too mean

If this is an indication of how 2016 will be, I am going to be eating lots of popcorn.

From Right Wing Watch:

One of the reasons that we started regularly covering extremist right-wing activist Theodore Shoebat and his open calls for gays to be put to death was because he was featured in Janet Porter's anti-gay documentary "Light Wins" along with Republican presidential candidates, members of Congress, and leading anti-gay activists. Once Shoebat's views began to be exposed, his allies in the "pro-family" movement began to distance themselves from him, and Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, who is an anti-gay extremist in his own right and who also appeared in Porter's documentary, disavowed Shoebat and his call to execute gays. That, of course, did not sit very well with Shoebat, who blasted LaBarbera in his latest video as a "filthy pig" and a "traitor" for refusing that stand by Shoebat and his calls to put gays to


Shoebat is a disgusting piece of garbage but I fail to see how 'Porno'  Pete LaBarbera is any different. or how he can attack Shoebat without taking into account his own words and actions. Shoebat wishes for lgbts to be violently executed. LaBarbera wants policies and laws in place which would slowly but surely kill our souls and spirits.  That's vile enough, but when you destroy a person's spirit, you put them in a position where they wish for death and act accordingly either by suicide or embracing dangerous behaviors (such as drug abuse, etc). Shoebat and LaBarbera are two sides of the same coin. LaBabera is too cowardly to be proud of the potential blood on his hands. Shoebat isn't.

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