Thursday, January 07, 2016

'Roy Moore flails helplessly against marriage equality' & other Thur midday news briefs

Roy Moore
Alabama Chief Justice Screwed 66 Judges - First of all, the title of this article makes me nauseated and jealous at the same time. That aside, it's amusing to see Moore think that he can overrule SCOTUS. People say we should ignore this. I say we use it because Moore has obviously teed off more folks besides lgbts with his antics. 

Anti-Gay Activists Rally Behind Roy Moore, Who Touts 'States' Rights' - And his supporters aren't exactly helping his fruitless cause either.  

A Dejected Mike Huckabee Is Now Just Burning Bridges With The Religious Right - MEANWHILE, poor Mike Huckabee is acting like a stone cold wiaaaatch (minus the "w", add the "b") because the religious right have deserted him for Ted Cruz. This is just too fun to watch.  

Methodist Minister Comes Out As A Lesbian During Sermon - One of the times I'm mad that I missed going to church. 

 LGBT and the War on Christianity - Wonderful post about bogarting and attempting to entitle yourself to designate people as Christian or not Christian.

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