Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Anti-gay hate group gets Kim Davis a seat at State of the Union address

So anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis is attending President Obama's final State of the Union address.

That's not the real story. The real story is that the equally anti-gay (so much so that it has been declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center) Family Research Council arranged for her to attend. How many hate groups do you know can arrange for someone to attend such a high function as a State of the Union address?

Perhaps the lgbt community should stop focusing so much on the pawn (Davis) and make a greater effort in stopping the entities pushing the pawn (FRC, etc).  The fact that FRC continues to have influence in spite of its history of lies, distortions, and homophobia is not only an indictment of the culture in Washington, but it's also a serious indictment of the lgbt community and our leadership.

There is simply no excuse for pussyfooting around and allowing this organization to push its falsehoods without some seriously intelligent pushback:

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