Tuesday, January 12, 2016

'NOM wants empty seat at SOTU address to protest marriage equality' & other Tue. midday news briefs

So who gave Kim Davis the formal invite to the SOTU.  No one is talking.

NOM: Leave An Empty Seat At SOTU To Represent The '50 Million Voters Whose Votes Were Stolen' By SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling - Oh you are breaking my heart! If NOM and its allies had done their work honestly instead of relying on lies to scare voters, they would have had a coherent SCOTUS argument against marriage equality instead of it all blowing up in their faces

Who Invited Kim Davis To The State Of The Union? - We know that the Family Research Council arranged it. We just don't know who made the formal invite. Ooooo tell me, please!!!  

The Brutalism of Ted Cruz - THIS is the guy the religious right supports because supposedly he is going to bring "morality" to the Oval Office. Hardly. 

 Tony Perkins: 'Blood On Our Streets' Because Of Gay Marriage, Family 'Confusion' - What?!! Again, how did this man and his organization get in the position to invite people, such as Kim Davis, to the president's State of the Union address?  

First Openly Gay Nominee For Army Secretary Steps Down As Acting Secretary After John McCain Tantrum - Now see, this here is some bull@!%#  

16 LGBT Must-Dos in 2016 - Eh. I've never been one for fun and frolic, but have at it.

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