Tuesday, February 02, 2016

'Cruz, Rubio's appeals to blatant homophobia' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Ted Cruz
 Homophobia pushes Ted Cruz to the win in Iowa caucuses - Naaaaw! 

 Ted Cruz's Religious Right Support Carries Him To Iowa Victory - More information on the above point.  

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Have Pledged to Pass This Vile Anti-Gay Law in First 100 Days of Presidency: WATCH - No slouch in the homophobia department, check out the law that Iowa Republican Caucus third placer (and eventually winner Ted Cruz) has vowed to pass within 100 days of either winning the presidency. It ain't pretty. It would allow business and individuals to discriminate against gays under the guise of "religious liberty." 

A simple question someone should ask Marco Rubio about his bigotry - My post from last year reminding folks that Rubio would actively take rights away from same-sex couples and their children while having the temerity to make himself seem like a victim if people called him a bigot for doing it.  

Transgender Police Officer Banned From Workplace Restroom - This is seriously some nonsense!  

Gay Republicans Care More About Democrats Losing Than LGBT Equality - And they wonder why they get hardly any respect in the lgbt community.

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