Tuesday, August 16, 2016

'Omaha school district has the 'bathroom battle' about transgender youth' & other Tue. midday news briefs

WATCH: Omaha schools meeting goes off rails as angry parents blame trans kids for destroying America - Fear and ignorance are the parents to the bastard children of hate and prejudice. It depresses me how folks will not educate themselves about our transgender kids. It puts me in the mind of a depressing video I saw last night in which someone said "this whole thing started with Caitlyn Jenner." Uh, no it didn't.

 Passions flare as OPS board considers policies regarding transgender students - The good news from the above item is that the school district is standing firm in the commitment of protecting transgender children. 

 It’s 2016, And 40% of Gay Kids Have Considered Suicide - Ugh! We need to do more!  

Theodore Shoebat Longs For Days When Marco Rubio Would Be Hung From The Gallows - Leave it to that nasty Shoebat boy to make me feel a bit sorry for Rubio. And I despise Rubio.

 12 Adorable Photos from Gay Uncles Day - If you don't think that this is adorable, you have no soul. Seriously.

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