Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How the Family Research Council brand transgender children as dangerous

One of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of the anti-lgbtq right is language. It's relatively easy to refute their lies when compared to demonstrating how religious right groups and personalities exploit semantics in their attempts to control the narrative of debates about the lgbtq community.

The following from the anti-lgbtq hate group Family Research Council advertising an anti-transgender event is a perfect example. Watch how the organization brands transgender children as dangerous outsiders and their parents as nonexistent without even directly saying those words:

There are so many dog whistles in this announcement, one wonders if the Family Research Council has a side business as a kennel.

Everything in this vile announcement practically paints transgender children as outsiders. So transgender children don't exist? They are an ideology instead of students? They are a lobby instead of children whose lives are hindered by fear and ignorance?

And what about the parents of transgender children? Apparently according to the Family Research Council, they don't exist either. The parents who will be supposedly "fighting back" are parents of so-called normal children. And let's not forget the taxpayers.  Parents of transgender children don't exist, so how on Earth can they be taxpayers?

The fact that the Family Research Council has invited no medical professionals to this meeting goes without saying. That fact is merely rancid icing on top of this stale cake of transphobia designed to scare people  rather than educate them about transgender children.

Demonizing children is a nasty game, but the Family Research Council seems to have no problem playng it.

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Frank said...

So sickening; how many people actually attend these vile conferences?