Wednesday, April 26, 2017

'Trump's first 100 days have been ugly for LGBTQ community' & other Wed midday news briefs

Donald Trump holds (an apparently fireproof, lightning proof) Bible.

Trump’s Record on LGBT Rights: Death by 1000 Cuts in the First 100 Days - From Lambda Legal comes an astute assertion about Trump's first 100 days. While he has claimed about being pro-lgbtq, people in his administration have quietly been either making or prodding him to make very anti-lgbtq appointment picks and policies.  

100 Days Of Trump: Delivering For The Extreme Religious Right - More info on this and other monstrosities of Trump's 100 days courtesy of People for the American Way. 

Trump Army Secretary Pick: ‘Liberal Left’ Is Making Me Seem Like An LGBTQ ‘Hater’ - Uh no, you dipstick. Your anti-lgbtq and very transphobic statements and actions make you seem like a hater.  

The Alabama Legislature Voted To Let Adoption Agencies Turn Away LGBT Parents - Because of Jesus?  

Gay man sues New York museum for anti-HIV discrimination - The stigma of HIV is unfortunately as prevalent today as it was so many years ago.


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