Wednesday, May 17, 2017

'Lgbtq journalist calls out anti-gay pastors in new book' & other Wed midday news briefs

Clay Cane

Journalist Clay Cane Slams Antigay Preachers in New Book - Sweet! We need to call out those in our communities who treat us less than human rather than waiting for others to do it.  

Stunning Photos Debunk The Myth That Queerness Is ‘Un-African’ - THANK YOU for this. We need more visibility about lgbtqs of color. 

1st Man Prosecuted For Federal Hate Crime Targeting Transgender Victim Gets 49 Years - AWFUL situation, but justice is done. Trans lives matter. 

 Baltimore school’s GSA wins top honors from GLSEN - Just so you know that there are schools out there doing right by our lgbtq kids. 

 Gays Literally Yell Every. Single. Time. You Play These Songs - Okay, not usually my speed but sometimes you have to go "what the hell." This is a funny column.

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Frank said...

So often we read of African LGBT persons being treated horribly, brutalized, or murdered but they are just faceless news items. It is wonderful to see these beautiful and proud African individuals portrayed in this photo essay.